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Competition in the Game Testing & Betting Testing world

Increased diversity in games, gaming platforms, and gamers worldwide have made game development a very lucrative, and a very competitive field. Some of the most common challenges faced by Console manufacturers & game developers are:

  • Structured approach for Game Testing
  • User role-based testing
  • Test on multiple handsets and platforms
  • Network connectivity, latency, frame rate
  • RAM usage and consumption
  • Graphical user interface
  • Betting:
    • Event Selection & Odds Compiling
    • Odds Changes & Blocking of Events
    • Monitoring & Managing Risks
    • Live Betting & Transaction Integrity
    • Betting Transactions & Responsible Gaming

Professional QA game testers & betting testers thus play a key role in the success of the gaming enterprises in this fiercely-competitive gaming ecosystem. With thousands of AI-based smart games being released continuously across platforms, enjoying a flawless customer experience is the ultimate criterion for retaining gamers.

We at Cigniti ensure that ISVs & Gaming Developers successfully achieve this goal.

Cigniti’s Game Testers Help Gain Edge Over Competition

Cigniti’s game testers have an in-depth experience in the end-to-end gaming eco-system across platforms including desktop, console, mobile devices, tablets, phablets, & cloud gaming. Our game testers create detailed testing strategies,meticulously incorporating industry gaming standards, for example, Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW), into our test strategy and processes.

Following are a few benefits that Cigniti provides as a game testing company:

  • Well-defined & structured Test Methodologies, Best Practices, & Accelerators for Game Testing
  • Team of 50+ experienced Game Testers
  • Dedicated Game Testing Lab to recreate all possible real-time scenarios with requisite tools
  • Availability of game testing checklists for various OS types (iOS, Android)
  • Structured checklists for Pre-platform certification for iOS & Android
  • Statistical models & analytical tools to arrive at optimum combination of OS compatibility
  • A Mobile Test Lab with 600+ devices supporting various OS versions
Game Testing Services For A Billion-Dollar Animation Company In United States

Game Testing Services For A Billion-Dollar Animation Company In United States

In any gaming app, a seamless interface is directly proportional to its popularity in the gaming industry. A billion-dollar animation company venturing into gaming wanted to leverage test automation to meet the need of high-speed product rollout and manage the dynamic UI changes.

Know how Cigniti’s game testers implemented a robust test execution mechanism to lower maintenance costs and promote scalability.

Our Key Clients

Cigniti’s Gaming Test Experts have successfully helped organizations enhance the gaming experience for their users. With Cigniti, clients have been able to significantly reduce the time-to-market and prepare their game for success in all languages and markets.

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Cigniti’s Game & Betting Testing Center of Excellence

Customer loyalty purely depends on game reliability, and Cigniti offers comprehensive in-house game and betting testing in a secure, dedicated onshore & near-shore facilities.

Cigniti’s Game & Betting Testing CoE consists of a team of game testers who are SMEs with relevant experience in areas covering multiple gaming platforms, key areas for sports betting testing, & in performing game-specific tests. Working with Cigniti’s computer games testers, you gain access to our Mobile Device Testing lab having 600+ devices, our in-house next generation testing platform BlueSwan, and also a plethora of open source and 3rd-party game testing tools.

Cigniti’s video game testers have a strong experience in testing the following gaming-specific tests:

  • Game Play/Functional Testing
  • In-app purchase Testing
  • Role-based Testing
  • Install/Upgrade/Uninstall Testing
  • User Interface Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Interrupt Testing
  • Game Center Testing (iOS platform only)
  • Multiplayer Testing
  • Globalisation Testing
  • Social-integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Memory Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Platform pre-Certification
  • Load Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Multi-Platform Testing
  • Online and Network Testing

Expertise in Video Game Quality Assurance Testing Tools

Our Partnership

Cigniti has partnered with various tool vendors to ensure that your gamers get a truly superior Gaming experience. Using the right tool can lead to significant reduction in effort and time taken to test a game. With our tool-agnostic approach, we make sure that you get the right test tool as per your needs.


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