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Cigniti has a Healthcare and Life Sciences Software Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) and a specific Hospital Application Test Approach that helps our clients gain immense business value in Healthcare and Life Sciences  software testing, automation, mobile applications testing, Connected Health IoT, and Regulatory Testing. Our clients are spread across diverse domains such as clinical labs, diagnostic centers, hospitals, healthcare ISVs, healthcare services, medical equipment manufacturers, payers, pharmaceutical companies, third-party administrators (TPA), and research organizations.

Cigniti Healthcare & Life Sciences Software TCoE provides expertise in the following segments:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Payers
  • Providers

Medical & Embedded Devices Testing for Leading Eyecare Devices Provider

The digitally evolving medical devices landscape is utilizing software testing services to deliver high-quality products. A leading eyecare devices provider wanted to meet the tight deadlines for complete development, verification & validation of the products. Know how Cigniti’s Medical & Embedded devices testing expertise offered 25% better test coverage and 15% test execution effectiveness.

Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Research Organizations


Pharmaceuticals Testing CoE

Cigniti is compliant with most of the required regulatory agencies whose main aim is to protect health and safety of the population, and leverages the strong pharma testing expertise of its team.

Cigniti’s Pharma Testing CoE team provides expert, end-to-end testing support for the following areas:

Payer, PBM & TPA System CoE

Our Payer, PBM & TPA Systems TCoE is capable of providing services to the related to:

  • Payer – Provider Collaboration solutions
  • Provider Contract Management
  • Core Administration and Care Management
  • Broker and Member Systems
  • Member System (Enrolment, Termination, Reinstatement and Re-enrolment process)
  • Claims Management System
  • Portals and Information Exchange platforms
  • Healthcare Information Exchange platforms



Healthcare ISV and Medical Device Technologies


Provider Systems TCoE

Our Provider Systems TCoE is capable of providing services related to:

  • Hospital Information Management System
  • EMR & EHR
  • Telehealth & Telemedicine
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • Research / Clinical Trails solutions
  • Population Health Management
  • Provider Partner Integrations
Provider Systems TCoE

Providers & Health Institutions

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Leverage Cigniti’s HealthCare Software Testing Center of Excellence (CoE) and reap the benefits of our software testing expertise for Medical Device & Pharmaceuticals.