Listen to Cigniti thought leaders at HSTC 2014 – STeP-IN Forum’s 5th International Conference

Listen to Cigniti thought leaders at HSTC 2014 – STeP-IN Forum’s 5th International Conference

HSTC 2014 – STeP-IN Forum’s 5th International Conference on Software Testing in Hyderabad, brings you a unique conference that reflects the landscape and opportunities for Testers today.

Listen to Cigniti thought leaders to see what’s coming in future for testing industry.

Day 1
Date: November 27, 2014 | Time: 9:00 to 11:00, Session 1–B |

Workshop Title: Mobile Performance Testing- A Hybrid Approach
Speaker: Rahul Goel – Senior Manager, Cigniti Technologies


Smartphones and tablets are the first point of interface and in some cases, even the Point Of Sale (POS). The stakes are so high that it is mandatory for businesses to assess performance of the mobile app before releasing it into the market. From a business standpoint, the user-experience and responsiveness of mobile apps is crucial to capture market share and client engagement.

Performance is an outcome of the collective effort and meticulous testing. The ability to simulate and generate load in the mobile context is crucial to ensure performance that not only strengthens the business process but also ensures a great experience to the end user.

Key takeaway:

The benefits which mobile performance testing brings to app-perception is immense. Further innovation around mobile performance testing can bring out untapped possibilities and increased productivity.

  • Record and design test scripts
  • Design different workload models
  • Simulate different network bandwidths and user behaviours

Day 2
Date: November 28, 2014 | Time: 11:00 to 11:45, Session 1–B | Topic : Robotics Testing – A Technical Perspective
Speaker: Mahesh Prabhakaran Kannath – Senior Software Engineer, Cigniti Technologies



This presentation describes the complexity of the robotic product that was tested and the different approaches used to dig the bugs out from it. The product, being a micro-controller based embedded system with a separate software having a graphical programming environment is the major device and comes with several inputs and outputs components. The testing approaches presented are ideal for all such systems with minimal customization.

The presenter covers aspects like:

  • What is robotics testing
  • How similar complex systems can be tested
  • The challenges in such types of testing
  • How complexity can be reduced by introducing different testing methods
  • How such exposure will help boost a testing career

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