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Mobile App Compatibility & Cross-bowser Testing for Mobile Advertising Giant

Mobile App Compatibility & Cross-browser Testing for Mobile Advertising Giant

Today, more than half of the users’ access internet via their mobile devices. A US-based advertising solutions provider wanted help in realizing its vision of making the mobile-first approach an industry norm for advertising.

Know how Cigniti supported the client achieve this goal by improving the client’s CMS & mobile app quality by 30% and yielded 20% better test coverage through 100% sprint schedule adherence.

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Marina CaramoriDirector, Test Engineering - Vocera Communications

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Cigniti has a strong alliance & is a partner of various leading cloud-based mobile test service providers and tool vendors. These partnerships help us offer additional value to our clients across verticals.


Steps to Practical, Predictable, and Scalable Mobile-Centric End User Experience

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Mobile App Compatibility Testing for Mobile Advertising Giant

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Accelerate time-to-market with Cross-browser Testing & Mobile Testing Services

With almost 85% millennials using apps on their smartphones, enterprises need to continuously deploy & launch quality, seamlessly functioning applications to stay ahead in this digitally transforming world.

Cigniti provides deep experience in cross-browser testing for mobile applications for both functional and non-functional (Manual & Automated) testing of mobile applications. Cigniti’s Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) constitutes of 500+ mobile testing professionals. While our mobile app testers are certified in various commercial & open source mobile testing tools, our test architects & engineers have 6+ years of experience in mobile testing for various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Travel, Retail, and more leveraging industry leading mobile testing tools & best practices.

Cigniti’s mobile test offerings include:

  • Mobile Test Advisory Services
  • Mobile Test Tool Feasibility
  • Mobile Test Automation Framework Development
  • Interruption, Memory, Accessories, Performance, User Interface, Compatibility, Network Type, Installation, Upgrade, Drive, Battery, Geo-Fence, Performance, Security, Functional, Carrier, & Cross-Browser Testing.

Cigniti’s mobile testing frameworks & utilities help Enterprises and ISV’s achieve faster ROI and accelerated time-to-market.

Cigniti’s Mobile Testing Center of Excellence

Cigniti’s Mobile Testing Center of Excellence

Cigniti’s Mobile Testing CoE provides access to a wide range of testing services, mobile testing tools, and mobile device lab. Cigniti’s mobile testing experts have a strong experience in testing various mobile apps – native, web, & hybrid, and they keep themselves abreast with the latest methodologies, mind maps, & checklists based on platform updates.

The key benefits offered by Cigniti’s Mobile Testing CoE include:

  • Strategic partnerships with world’s leading mobile testing tools providers for cost-effective tool procurement
  • Dedicated test environments for Platform Certification Testing
  • Automated reporting dashboards with advanced analytics
  • Scalable and secure mobile app testing device lab with 600+ mobile devices across different platforms such as iOS, Android, & Windows
  • “Pay as you go” model that saves significant costs and effort towards managing mobile devices.

Cigniti follows a mind map-based approach for mobile application test planning. During the test planning and execution, Cigniti teams leverage customized mind maps to conduct testing for maximum coverage on device specific functionality tests.

Mobile Testing Methodology

Cigniti’s mobile testing service capabilities are ably supported by BlueSwan, a proprietary test platform, and a Mobile Testing CoE.

Cigniti teams adopt an Agile & DevOps-based testing methodology to plan & conduct mobile testing. This approach is based on years of proven experience and helps integrate both mobile engineering and mobile testing processes to provide business-critical benefits.

We help clients successfully address the challenges of mobile app testing including handling diverse screen resolutions, increased voice, video and data capabilities, gesture-based applications, etc. Cigniti’s teams collaborate with various stakeholders to understand user demographics such as operating systems, versions, OEM’s, geographies & locales to determine the user composition and ensure high probability of coverage for the broader profile of users.

Features & Benefits of Cigniti Mobile Test Automation Framework

Cigniti’s proprietary Mobile Test Automation Framework seamlessly integrates with various open-source and commercial test tools (such as Micro Focus Mobile Center, Appium, Perfecto mobile, etc.) and helps you achieve acceleration in your mobile application testing projects. With minimal customization, it ensures significantly higher test automation coverage for your applications.

Cigniti’s Mobile Testing Framework integrates with various CI tools to enable end-to-end automation. In addition, the framework ensures your applications also are tuned to perform at peak loads and handle unprecedented load surges to ensure reliability. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the Mobile Test Automation framework:

  • Tool Agnostic Automation Framework
  • Pre-built support for continuous integration platforms
  • Parallel Test Execution on multiple devices, cross-browsers and OS
  • Custom reporting with traceability to manual test steps and “business friendly” error reporting

Mobile Testing Expertise & Benefits


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Cloud-enabled Mobility Testing Lab

Cigniti’s cloud-enabled mobility testing lab is equipped with a diverse set of devices that cover various Operating Systems (iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry) and Smartphone brands (Apple, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, HTC, etc.) With devices distributed across North America, Europe, ANZ, and India, the lab enables testing mobile applications across geographies on a wide set of devices.

Our cutting-edge world-class technology mobile app testing lab helps enterprise accounts:

  • Accelerate go-to-market with a round-the-clock continuous integration testing environment.
  • Achieve end-to-end test coverage & provide a seamless experience using 600+ mobile devices running on different platforms, OSs & versions, screen resolutions, network conditions, carriers, and servers.
  • Minimize application risks by performing comprehensive mobile app testing in a dedicated and secure setup.
  • Enable a unified environment for your DevOps teams.

Cigniti’s Mobile UI Testing expertise

Cigniti is a thought leader in the field of Mobile UI Testing and our teams have successfully implemented strategies for mobile UI testing for many organizations to give their consumers the best possible user experience. We have also automated various mobile apps and helped our clients reduce the time to market for their applications. Cigniti also contributes to developing excellence in mobile testing by sharing experiences using blogs, webinars, white papers, etc. Cigniti’s end-to-end mobile testing framework has delivered the results for numerous clients who are looking to realize the true potential of their next gen mobile app.

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