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Common Challenges Faced by Enterprises in Test Data Management

Cigniti – Broadcom Partnership

Cigniti – Broadcom’s TDM Solution: Unlocking Benefits in Cost, Compliance, and Security

Cigniti and Broadcom’s integrated offering is best-in-class, enabling teams to boost productivity and test data coverage, accelerating delivery and reducing risk. With their unique joint value proposition, Cigniti and Broadcom can help businesses resolve critical Test Data Management challenges quickly and effectively.
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The demand from competitors to produce new digital services faster keeps getting more intense for today’s businesses. During this process, it becomes increasingly important to optimize Test Data Management capabilities and processes. Teams can meet these expectations with the joint value proposition laid by Cigniti and Broadcom.

The best-in-class integrated offering from Cigniti and Broadcom allow teams to increase productivity and test data coverage, accelerating delivery and lowering risk. Together, Cigniti and Broadcom are in a unique position to assist businesses in resolving their critical Test Data Management challenges right away.

Cigniti, in partnership with Broadcom, has developed a unified test data management solution that enables continuous automation, shift-left defect identification, and faster test data creation while demonstrating compliance to regulatory requirements.

Broadcom’s Test Data Manager tool ranks in the top three across all Test Data Management use cases in the Bloor Research report and has 4/5-star rankings from 93% of the Gartner Peer Reviews. Coupled with Cigniti’s next-gen data assurance expertise, the tool offers maximum benefits in terms of cost, compliance, and security.

Key Benefits that our Partnership with Broadcom Helps you Achieve:

Up to 25% of project cost savings

Greater compliance and security by saving up to USD 332M in GDPR fines

Up to 30% increased productivity by avoiding manual processes

Improved quality and customer satisfaction by reducing data-related defects

Quicker market deployment with reduced costs from efficiently handling the testers’ average time spent on test data by as much as 90%

Key Use Cases

Identify Complex Data

Expose complex relationships within data via data profiling.

Generate Missing Data

Model and create synthetic data covering functional variations.

Protect Confidential Data

Discovers sensitive information stored across databases and environments.

Self-Provision Test Data

Test Data on Demand portal provides testers with self-serve, on-demand data.

Data Enable Virtual Services

Create or reserve the virtual data needed by Broadcom Service Virtualization.

Build More Accurate Tests

Incorporate both normal and flawed, abnormal data to increase test accuracy.

Connect Mainframe & Cloud

Find, secure or create data across both mainframe and distributed platforms at once.

Why it makes sense to augment use of Test Data Manager with Service Virtualization for Continuous Testing

Service Virtualization takes a heuristic approach to generate dynamic responses. For example, ephemeral data, such as time, dates, etc., are automatically refreshed in the response, so they never go stale. Additionally, matching criteria are generalized, and request data that is determined to be echoed back in the response is automatically parameterized, so never seen before requests can be easily processed and meaningful responses returned.

Testing with unavailable systems

Enable early/shift left of testing; agile parallel dev/test; reduce escaped defects

Reduce TDM effort for available systems

VS creation effort/time is smaller than that for test data; improve agility and productivity

Improved testing of micro-services and APIs

SV with TDM makes it easier to test component based apps

Better together for supporting Continuous Testing in CI/CD lifecycle

TDM+SV supports seamless Continous Testing in each stage of pipeline and helps to reduce Lead Time for Change

Leverage other
benefits of using SV

Examples: faster test env setup; reduction of infra costs; reduce lead time for change; shift left

Data Driven Virtual Service

Data Injection & Synchronization

Keyways in which Test Data Management approach for micro-services is different

Continuous Testing (and TDM) for micro-services require a more integrated approach w/ SV.

Greater emphasis on agile, synthetic test data

Need to support greater agility/shift left testing; developer/SDET friendly; generate from API specs

There may not be direct access to μ service databases; high variety of DB Types

Need to use APIs to access/set test data; other non-DB related ways to capture test data (e.g. sniffing)

Test data is highly distributed and needs synchronization

Difficult to scale traditional TDM practices across 1000s of services

Constrained agile parallel development due to extensive dependencies

Cannot be solved by TDM alone, especially in the CI stage

Thought Leadership

A CIOs Guide to Overcome Challenges of Security, Speed, and Quality with Test Data Management

A Cigniti-Broadcom Joint Thought Leadership Initiative Read this joint white paper by Cigniti & Broadcom to know how CIOs can leverage test data management to overcome the challenges related to security, speed, and quality.

White Paper

Quality Engineering for the Digital Enterprise: Overcome Challenges of Security, Speed, and Quality

Now more than ever, there is a need for robust Test Data Management solutions, which allow organizations to provide unrestricted access to high-quality test data, whilst protecting against the risk of customer PII breaches.

Digital Dialogue

Leverage other Key Benefits of Using Service Virtualization with Test Data Management

Service Virtualization captures and simulates the behavior, data, and performance characteristics of complete composite application environments, making them available for development and test teams throughout the software lifecycle, for faster time-to-market with quality software functionality at lower infrastructure cost.

Simplification of test environments; faster setup; reduction of infra costs

Significant reduction of time to deploy virtual services (typically seconds/minutes) vs full apps (could be hours for complex apps like SAP). Reduce Lead Time for Change in the CD process

Better support for cloud computing needs

Containerized deployments of VS; support for auto-scaling test environments to match auto-scale of TDM functions

Better support for shift left of performance testing; improved reliability

Performance emulation in virtual services allows early perf testing and reduction of costly e2e load tests; allow shift left of TDM for perf testing

Better support for negative tests in conjunction with TDM

Better support for chaos tests; easier negative testing support with negative test data from TDM

Better inter-persona collaboration in DevOps

The use of SV enables better collaboration between architects, dev, SDET, testers, TDEs, deployment engineers, SREs, and OPS

Success Stories

A leading luxury retailer client was looking for transformation-led initiatives to disrupt the digital program’s delivery towards improving quality. The Cigniti-Broadcom partnership has successfully implemented its digital transformation initiatives and delivered the following benefits to this retailer client.

Zero critical/high-priority defect leakage from QA

60% reduction in manual effort with Automation execution cycle

ADA compliance Certification

Established SLA-driven monitoring

Established TDM portal & data masking and TEM monitoring – more stable environments for testing

15% YoY Productivity Improvements

By partnering with Cigniti, one U.S.-based financial services firm was able to shrink test bed creation time by 87% and reduce its test environment’s storage capacity requirements by 80%.
In addition, a title lending company in the U.S. was able to boost test coverage by 60% while reducing overall test lifecycle times by 40%.
Broadcom has been recognized as a Customers’ Choice vendor for 2022 in Data Masking on Gartner® Peer Insights™. This distinction is a recognition of vendors in this market based on feedback and ratings from 39 verified end users of our product as of April 30, 2022. Overall, Broadcom reviewers gave us a 4.4 out of 5, with 88% saying they would recommend our product. For more success stories, Click Here.

Key Services Offered by Cigniti-Broadcom Partnership

Using Service Virtualization

  • Enable multiple development and testing teams to work in parallel
  • Eliminate much of the concurrent demand for environments created by high- velocity development and test processes
  • Test earlier in the software lifecycle, when issues are easier and less expensive to resolve
  • Load test at the component level with production-level conditions

Using Test Data Manager

  • Identify sensitive data
  • Generate synthetic test data
  • Store and reuse existing data
  • Create virtual copies of test data

Using Agile Requirements Designer

  • Automate agile testing requirements throughout application development lifecycles.
  • Achieve the speed, velocity, and volume of changes required to attain continuous testing at the speed of agile.
  • Leave traditional testing practices behind and consistently meet your sprint goals.
  • Achieve true test-driven development
  • Quickly generate the smallest number of test cases for maximum coverage
  • Store, share and reuse test cases from a central library linked to the right data and expected results
  • Employ model-based testing

Complimentary Workshop on

Building a Continuous Delivery Value Stream

Goal and Target Audience

  • Build a target operating model (TOM) that increases automation, improves observability, and institutes processes for better outcome measurement.
  • Designed for DevOps & Application Delivery Leaders and SRE Practitioners exploring solutions.

What is the SDLC Discovery workshop about?

Cigniti's consultative workshop helps App Development and Delivery Practitioners create a Target Operating Model (TOM) for their Continuous Delivery organization. Built on Agile and Lean IT principles, this approach enhances parameters like Mean Time To Value and Mean Time to Repair, ultimately delivering Business Value for End Users.

Expected Outcomes

This blueprint workshop will help you create a plan for your organization considering your current state of readiness:

  • Deploy code in a fast, repeatable, secure, and scalable manner
  • Evolve Continuous Delivery, Monitoring, Configuration Management, Security Auditing process
  • Define Metrics and Align the IT Organization to New Age Thinking  

Accelerate Your DevOps Journey by Leveraging Service Virtualization

Quality Engineering for the Digital Enterprise: Overcome Challenges of Security, Speed, and Quality

A CIOs Guide to Overcome Challenges of Security, Speed, and Quality with Test Data Management

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