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Challenges Faced by Enterprises in IT & Test Environments and Test Data Operations

Enterprises often encounter several challenges in their IT and test environments and test data operations. Here are some common challenges faced in these areas:

On average, IT projects spend 95% of their lifetime in non-production, test, and space environments during software development and testing.

Organizations spend over 55% of their infrastructure, license, and service budget on non-production. Test environments that need maintenance to meet software testing needs.

Delivery delays of over 20% are typical due to IT and Test Environment Management inefficiencies and test bed disruptions that restrict the software delivery process.

According to Gartner, 70% is the estimated percentage of internal security and data privacy breaches within our test bed or test environments.

Addressing these challenges requires a combination of effective processes, automation, standardized tools, and collaboration among various teams involved in IT and test environments.

Cigniti - Enov8 Joint Value Proposition

Cigniti’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge testing and digital assurance services aligns with Enov8’s comprehensive suite of solutions for IT and test environment management, enterprise release management, and test data management. By harnessing the joint value proposition, we can offer our clients unparalleled visualization, control, and automation of their IT environments, releases, and test data operations.
Cigniti and Enov8 are dedicated to driving operational uplift, improving quality, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and streamlining delivery for enterprises worldwide. Our joint efforts will unlock new levels of efficiency, productivity, and innovation, helping organizations achieve their business goals faster and with the utmost confidence.

Cigniti - Enov8 Unified IT & Test Environment Manager Solutions

Our unified IT & Test Environment Management platform helps organizations uplift productivity, across production and non-production, through better visualization of your systems, centralized planning and coordination, operational standardization, and automated orchestration.

Key Features of IT & Test Environment Management Platform

Knowledge Management

Capture and model your IT and test environments, including environmental groups, systems, test environment instances, components, microservices, and interfaces. Capture critical data points such as version, labels, tags, health, operating systems, and test environment relationships.

Demand Awareness

Proactively meet project system requirements with an intelligent Environment Booking Management module. Avoid contention across testing environments by reserving resources across environment groups, system instances, components, and test data bookings.

Planning & Coordination

Proactively plan and manage operations across test environments with Test Environments Event Calendars, Implementation Plans (Deployment Plans), Runsheets (Runbooks), and intelligent notification workflows.

ITSM Service Support

Centrally manage change, incidents, and support requests for your test bed. Utilize out-of-the-box IT Service Management capabilities and integrate with preferred ITSM tools.

DevOps Orchestration

Streamline your software development lifecycle by orchestrating non-production environment activities with automation and run sheets. Rapidly provision, perform health checks and decommission resources using the application, data, infrastructure scripts, and playbooks.

Deployment Tracking

Track the deployment state of test environment resources, including test environment instances, system components, and microservices. Quickly identify deployed versions and recognize environment drift for realignment.

Enterprise Release Management

Centrally govern all enterprise releases via SAFe methods. Capabilities include Release Train Definition, Program Increment Planning, Product (System) Identification, Project Team registration, Project & Work Item Tracking, Environment & System Contention Management, Implementation Planning, and Post Implementation Reviews.

Information Walls

Gain real-time visibility of all your test environment resources and operations. Access insightful analytics, make informed decisions, and optimize processes through environment dashboards, reports, and customizable information walls.

Key Benefits to Clients Using Our Solutions

Streamline IT Projects Delivery Time

With 95% of an IT project's delivery time spent in the non-production domain, our solutions efficiently manage DevTest environments, significantly reducing time-to-market and speeding up the delivery process.

Cost Optimization

Over 55% of an organization's infrastructure, license, and service costs are tied to non-production. Our Test Environment Manager helps identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses, significantly saving costs.

Control Over-Proliferation

Estimates suggest that over-proliferation of system instances & components due to poor decommissioning & housekeeping policies may be as high as 30%. Our solutions provide improved visibility and control, ensuring effective decommissioning and proper housekeeping, thereby preventing over-proliferation.

Increase Productivity

On average, test environment issues lead to 20% of the dev & test cycle productivity losses. Using our tools, teams can reduce environment-related problems, improving efficiency and productivity.

Risk Mitigation

Through better visibility and control of the test environment, our experts aid in identifying potential risks and issues early in the process, reducing the chances of last-minute surprises and project delays.

Compliance and Governance

Our solutions help organizations gain better oversight of their non-production environments, allowing them to meet compliance requirements and enforce consistent governance policies effectively.

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