Cigniti and Katalon

Reduce Barriers to Test Automation Adoption

Create exceptional digital experiences using an AI-augmented platform for planning, authoring, executing, and analyzing automated tests.

Common Challenges Faced by Enterprises in Test Automation

High testing costs due to manual testing and lack of proper test automation tools.

Difficulty in keeping up with the evolving testing landscape and technology advancements.

Inability to scale testing resources up or down based on project requirements.

High risk of security breaches and non-compliance with industry standards.

Migration challenges while modernizing legacy automation scripts.

Lack of adequate skills and access to talent.

Cigniti - Katalon

Joint Value Proposition

Cigniti and Katalon provide a no-code approach to functional test automation that is less complex than open-source automation technologies and more affordable than automation based on other proprietary products. The approach covers a broad range of platforms and use cases across the web, mobile, API, and desktop systems.
Cigniti’s Partnership with Katalon gives access to the unique features of Katalon Studio, an automation testing software tool. Open-source automation frameworks Selenium and Appium, with a specialized IDE interface for web, API, mobile, and desktop application test automation, form the foundation upon which the software is built.

Test Automation Expertise

Cigniti and Katalon have a long and successful history of making customers successful with Test Automation initiatives.


Cigniti and Katalon’s flexible low-code/no-code approach to Test Automation make it easy to start quickly and significantly accelerate time to value.


Cigniti and Katalon’s bundled value packs make it possible to scale test automation across the enterprise, not just for a few systems.

A Special Offering

Selenium to Katalon Migration

Cigniti has extensive experience with Selenium and Katalon and has developed best practices to overcome common test automation limitations and challenges.
Migrating from Selenium to Katalon can provide significant cost savings for businesses while also offering advanced features and capabilities for test automation.
The ROI analysis showed a 32.53% total cost savings over three years by moving away from Selenium and refactoring tests with Katalon.
As a strategic partner to Katalon, Cigniti provides a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to migrate. Our team of experts assists with migration services and provides ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.

Powering Your Business

Key Use Cases Where Our Partnership Can Deliver Measurable Results

Test Authoring

Test automation for Web, API, mobile, and desktop (Windows) applications. Deploy on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Test Management

Take care of all your execution infrastructure and scalability. Skip the deployment and maintenance steps to make more room for innovation.

Test Execution

Streamline execution in your environment with an intelligent wait, self-healing, scheduling, and parallel execution.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage out-of-the-box reports for quality, coverage analysis, test flakiness, and dashboards to report on the metrics that matter most to your business.

AI Visual Testing

Katalon’s AI Visual Testing gives your eyes a break and saves 99% of the effort to spot visual regressions. Run functional tests parallelly to cover end-to-end scenarios and visual regressions. Create multiple profiles, prioritize test runs, and ensure time efficiency for testing cycles.

Driving Innovation and Efficiency

Key Benefits of Our Partnership with Katalon for Clients

Comprehensive Testing Solutions

The partnership combines Cigniti's extensive software testing expertise with Katalon's robust test automation platform. This synergy allows clients to access a wide range of comprehensive testing solutions, including functional testing, regression testing, API testing, mobile testing, and more.

Expertise and Support

Clients benefit from Cigniti's extensive experience in software testing and Katalon's dedicated technical support. The partnership offers access to a knowledgeable team of testing professionals who can provide guidance, best practices, and troubleshooting assistance throughout the testing lifecycle.

Cost and Time Efficiency

The partnership can result in cost and time savings for clients. By automating repetitive testing tasks, Cigniti and Katalon help optimize resource allocation and reduce manual effort. This efficiency translates into cost savings and enables teams to focus on more strategic and complex testing activities.

Continuous Testing and DevOps Enablement

Cigniti and Katalon support the implementation of continuous testing practices, which align with DevOps principles. This enables clients to integrate testing seamlessly into their software development process, ensuring faster feedback loops, quicker bug identification, and more reliable software releases.

Increased Test Coverage

Cigniti's testing methodologies, combined with Katalon's automation framework, can help clients achieve higher test coverage. Automated testing allows for the execution of a large number of test cases in a shorter time frame, enabling comprehensive testing across multiple platforms, devices, and configurations.

Accelerated Testing Cycles

By leveraging Cigniti and Katalon's powerful test automation capabilities, clients can significantly accelerate their testing cycles. The Katalon studio provides a user-friendly interface and a vast array of built-in features that enable quick test creation, execution, and maintenance, ultimately reducing time-to-market for software applications.

Scalability and Flexibility

Katalon's platform provides scalability and flexibility to accommodate clients' evolving testing needs. Whether it's a small-scale project or a large enterprise-level application, the partnership can cater to diverse testing requirements, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and easy scalability as the project grows.

Digital Dialogue

Staying up-to-date with the latest trends is critical to remain competitive. The State of Software Quality Report 2023 provides an all-encompassing view of the software quality landscape, leveraging insights from over 3000 innovative QA teams.
This webinar goes beyond just presenting statistics and offers actionable strategies and best practices that QA teams and businesses can implement to achieve higher levels of software quality and drive tremendous business success.
Watch this webinar recording to gain a deeper understanding of the importance of software quality and the steps you can take to achieve it.

Key discussion points include:



State of Quality report 2023


Migrating from Selenium to Katalon: A Practical Guide for Successful Transition

Case Study

Leading Cruise Line Saved Testing Efforts by 50% with Cigniti-Katalon Test Automation Solution

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