Cigniti and TestGrid Automating Mobile App Testing for Peak Performance

Enjoy unmatched security, control, and reliability in a robust AI-powered testing solution tailored to your mobile testing needs.

Common Challenges Faced by Enterprises in Mobile App Testing

Research has shown that just 1% of consumer mobile apps succeed, leaving 99% to fail.

On-premise deployment and device management

Transitioning from manual and limited automation to streamlined automation

Scalability and resource efficiency

Maintain cost Efficiency

Data security and compliance concerns

Limited device availability on the shared pool

Is Your Company Striving for These Results?


Reduction in manual testing


Faster go-to-market launch


Infrastructure scalability upon need


Cost efficiency than previous solutions

Cigniti - TestGrid Joint Value Proposition

Cigniti is the world's leading AI and IP-led Digital Assurance and Engineering services company that helps global companies across industries continuously accelerate their Digital Transformation and become Digital-First. Cigniti has joined forces with TestGrid, ensuring effortless testing for its worldwide clients and leaving testing complexities behind.

Cigniti and TestGrid offer a seamless solution that revolutionizes your mobile app testing experience!

Stop struggling with disparate tools or dealing with the limitations of simulated environments! Leverage our partnership to conduct both manual and automated testing across real devices for native and hybrid mobile apps.

Cigniti - TestGrid Partnership Tackles Critical Challenges
Faced in Mobile App Testing

Real Device Testing

Hybrid App Compatibility

Manual & Automated Testing

Streamlined Testing Workflow

Key Benefits that our Partnership with
TestGrid Helps You Achieve

360-degree test automation

Reducing QA time by around 50%

60% less manual testing

40% faster go-to-market launch

100% infrastructure scalability

Complete List of Features Offered by Cigniti – TestGrid Partnership

Codeless Automation

AI-powered Codeless Testing

Mobile App Testing

Cross Browser Testing

Performance Testing

API Testing

Visual UI Testing


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