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    IoT Initiatives for Enterprise Digital Transformation

    Abstract While organizations seek to unleash an enigmatic customer experience, building consumer confidence around these applications and experience takes time and effort. Taking advantage of the billions of Internet of Things (IoT) endpoints in 2021 to accelerate their business transformation would need CIOs to rethink their digital strategies and priorities. Read this white paper to know how.

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    Enhance Functional Test Coverage with IoT Assurance

    Abstract Access to safe and reliable electricity has become imperative for our everyday lives. An Australia-based government-owned trading enterprise that generates, distributes, and retails electricity wanted to automate the maintenance of its smart meters to offer reliable services to its customers. Learn how Cigniti leveraged its IoT Assurance expertise, Smart meter labs, and AMI Automation Regression Test Suite to help the client achieve 100% functional test coverage.

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