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Industries such as Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Telecom, Manufacturing, Travel & Logistics, Healthcare, & Retail & eCommerce, and others are looking at Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to enable automation of their business processes without disrupting their existing process flows. Test automation services for RPA helps enterprises in these industries improve cycle time & productivity in transaction processing and elevate AI & ML capabilities to handle high-volume, repeatable tasks, faster and better.

Cigniti’s experts collaborate with your team to identify the best RPA candidates based on the process characteristics & define the RPA governance framework for the engagement. We provide a proven desktop analytics and process assessment covering the automation activities & existing documents in place. Our experts help define RPA metrics, measures, benchmarks, and baselines and suggest any changes required, define the process validation checklist & the automation type, and also define & develop a comprehensive BOT framework.

Multiple enterprises have achieved success in terms of scaled experience and capability based on digital work performance using Cigniti’s reusable robotic enterprise frameworks and expertise in developing BOTs for SAP, Oracle Financials, & PeopleSoft apps using UiPath, Blue Prism, & Automation Anywhere®. Our dedicated innovation practice team has RPA experts who use both rule-based & knowledge-based process automation to facilitate rapid delivery of the next wave of productivity improvement for business processes.

Next Gen RPA Services

Our expertise in providing enhanced accuracy and scalability in BOT operations paired with efficient BOT design and execution techniques lead to optimized utilization of BOTS. Cigniti’s automation coverage using in-house utilities to overcome RPA tool limitations leads to early and enhanced ROI. Our Robotic Process Automation utilizes the following Next Gen tools and techniques:

  • Machine Learning: Smart computing of complex business logic and rules.
  • OCRs and ICRs: Intelligent data capture to enable ease of automation of complex data structures and formats.
  • Predictive Dashboard: Custom algorithms with accurate predictions on BOTS output.
  • RPA Framework: Home-grown framework with utilities and scheduling mechanism for extended automation coverage.
  • NLP: Conversion of speech and voice tags into texts and actions.
End-to-end RPA automation solution for a leading utilities provider

End-to-end RPA automation solution for a leading utilities provider

Organizations are making conscious efforts to automate iterative tasks to allow their employees to focus on business-centric activities. A regulated utilities provider wanted to increase process efficiency and reduce operational costs within their organization using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Learn how Cigniti’s RPA expertise resulted in 93% reduction in manual intervention.

Our Key Clients

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End-to-end Robotic Process Automation for a rent-to-own industry leader

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RPA Domain Expertise & Benefits

Up to 98%

Reduction in Manual intervention

Up to 80%

Reduction in processing costs


Improvement in Business Process Efficiency


Bots deployed in production


RPA experts


Successful Implementations

Cigniti’s RPA CoE

Cigniti provides both rule-based process automation (helpful in configuration processes) & knowledge-based process automation (helpful in finding the trends in defects). Here’s an overview of the services we provide as part of our RPA Center of Excellence:

  • Comprehensive assessment to identify appropriate business processes for RPA
  • Categorize & prioritize the processes based on the complexity, automatability, ROI etc. using in-house utilities to build score cards
  • Recommend an outcome driven RPA strategy and the “Right fit tool” for RPA automation
  • Implement next gen techniques in BOT design – AI/ML, OCRs/ICRs, NLP, Deep Learning design principles, reusability, modularity etc. for effective script development
  • Efficient process to manage changes post deployment
  • Report defect and perform an effective RCA to contain defects
  • Build a robust and efficient regression test suite for BOT maintenance and support

Cigniti’s RPA Testing Enablers

Some of our RPA testing enablers are:

  • 360-Degree Assessment Framework
  • Reusable Automation Framework that uses tools such as HP ALM, SAP ECC, JIRA, Automation Anywhere®, & UiPath
  • Application environment that utilizes IBM COGNOS, INFORMATICA, MS SQL SERVER, Apache Tomcat, Guidewire, and more
  • Resource processing capacity to meet demand that is spiky or cyclical in nature
  • Capability to develop Mimic bots (ideal for simple, repetitive tasks, front-end automation), Smart bots (ideal for complex integrations, cross-platform, cross-process), and IQ bots (ideal for cognitive computing, fuzzy logic, NLP, C-OCR)

Utilities, Techniques & Tool Kits

  • Technical Utilities: In-house assets for tool evaluation, schedulers, AI keyword detection, synchronisers etc.
    • Right choice of RPA tool
    • Enhanced automation coverage
  • Use Score Card: For ease of identification of appropriate use cases for RPA
    • Prioritization of business process
    • Efficient BOT implementation strategy
  • Design Techniques: Next Gen RPA design principles such as – AI, NLP, Deep Learning, ICRs, OCRs, etc.
    • Accuracy in BOTS operations
    • Efficient BOT design and execution
  • Engineering Dashboard: AI/ML empowered platform to validate BOTS output and predictive dashboards
    • Improves BOT utilization
    • Custom metrics
  • Metrics and Measures: 15+ metrics for effective & efficient functioning of BOT
    • Assure early ROI
    • Inputs to build a strategy to optimize BOT maintenance

Our Partnerships

  • Partners with “Top 2” OEMs & others that helps reduce initial investment on RPA tool
  • Access technical support from OEMs whilst developing be-spoke solutions
  • Privileged access to webinars on beta versions of latest products
  • Access to OEMs learning management systems for knowledge upgrade
  • Provision for basic level certifications – Sales and Technical team
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