Why do organizations need Scriptless Testing Automation?

One of the biggest challenges that organizations face today is that of delivering high quality at speed. Writing comprehensive, systematic test cases help develop quality apps that run seamlessly. The need to have a software testing team that writes almost as much code as developers is an additional cost in terms of time and efforts. Scriptless testing can help organizations overcome such challenges.

So, what is Scriptless test automation design? It is a technique that reduces barrier to test authoring. Scriptless design, sometimes also referred to as codeless and no code test script design is at best a low code testing process (- as certain tests still need logic which can be facilitated by intelligent GUI that can allow) that helps software testers automate test cases without spending efforts on coding.

Scriptless test automation helps reduce the time required for setting up automated tests and provides the much-needed agility to write the test scripts by shifting from “not having automation skills” to “scaling up automation”. With scriptless test automation frameworks, organizations can scale up test automation initiatives and drive efficiencies, reduce time to market, and increase pace of innovation supporting digital transformation objectives.

Cigniti’s Scriptless Test Automation Platform - iNSta

Cigniti’s intelligent no-scripting test automation (iNSta) platform enables building of production grade test automation suites. It provides a test design studio that aids reusable test asset development. It leverages AI technologies to provide an adaptive frame that supports automation artifacts to evolve in sync with the application under test (AUT). The test execution engine integrates with the latest CI/CD tools and cloud (Sauce Labs, Browser Stack) infrastructure to support continuous testing.

Cigniti’s Scriptless Testing Capabilities

Our tool agnostic scriptless testing platform helps you meet your digital era test automation expectations of Speed, Scale, Agility, Quality, Intelligence, Resilience by providing:

  • Intelligent test artifact recorder
  • Custom Functions, Conditions & loops, Ready to use asserts
  • Cross Platform executions (Browser & OS)
  • Parallel executions & Schedule Test executions
  • Sauce Labs, Browser Stack Integrations
  • Cigniti, Extent & Custom Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics

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