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The Engineering and Business Challenges of DevOps Adoption

Agile software development and faster delivery cycles, running at the pace of business are two key factors deciding the ability for enterprises to deliver quality software faster. Other challenges include:

  • Lack of DevOps mindset & culture between Development & Operations team
  • Lack of agile delivery to drive innovation
  • Silos between Development and Operations teams
  • Inability to adapt to changing business needs
  • Lack of rapid feedback across the value chain
  • Lack of confidence in releases due to manual processes delaying features to the market

In addition, modern engineering practices around containerization, microservices/serverless-based architecture, Hybrid cloud driving Infrastructure as a code are also rapidly driving adoption of DevOps practices.

Addressed by Cigniti’s DevOps Maturity Model

The DNA of DevOps is automation and continuous improvement. The key to DevOps transformation is that there is no end state but a continuous evolution. It is a journey towards a frequent and more reliable release pipeline, automation, and stronger collaboration between development, IT and business teams. Cigniti’s DevOps Maturity Model is a structured framework for assessing team and organizational DevOps capabilities for building next-generation software.

Addressed by Cigniti’s DevOps Maturity Model

Cigniti’s End-to-End DevOps Transformation Services

Cigniti offers comprehensive DevOps services and expertise to put your DevOps transformation to work, automating at every stage of development and deployment with quality and security built into product development and delivery cycles.


Engineering/DevOps Advisory & Consulting Services

We assess the current Devops Maturity and create an Enterprise Devops Roadmap by visualizing the desired state and identifying the traceable metrics.

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  • Architecture Review and Consulting and Blue Printing – overall strategy
  • DevOps Maturity & Health Check Assessment
  • Tools/Framework Assessment & selection
  • Define overall process & Organization Change Management


DevOps Pipeline Implementation

We help enable Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment into the delivery processes to get faster feedback and release cycles. We also help to Continuously “Shift Left and Right” quality and Security through Continuous Testing, Continuous Security and Monitoring of software releases.

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  • SCM/other Tool Migration
  • DevOps/DataOps/FinOps /DevSecOps Implementation
  • One-click build, deployment, Support Continuous Testing, Blue Green Deployment, & Canary Releases
  • Observability, System Activity Logging, Dashboards, Security Event tracking, & Security Audits


Infrastructure Automation

DevOps can complement the movement of apps to the cloud so that enterprises can derive the same benefits on the cloud. Defining a robust strategy and preparing applications for cloud DevOps even before cloud migration will ensure success.

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  • Cloud and On-Prem Environment Management
  • Infrastructure Test Automation

Container Software Engineering

Container Software Engineering

To benefit from containers, software must be developed and packaged in a different way - a procedure known as containerization. We can help.

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  • Containerization
  • Container Orchestration
  • Containerization consulting with tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Docker Compose
  • Platform Engineering for Amazon, Azure, GCP, etc.
  • SRE based support

Our expertise with leading DevOps tools and platforms

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Monitoring



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Reusable Asset Libraries and Unified Automation Frameworks


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BlueswanTM IP powered DevOps Transformation

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Our Partnerships

Cigniti has forged strategic partnerships with many of the industry’s leading testing tool providers such as Tricentis, enov8, HP, Kiuwan,, ElectricCloud, and more. Utilize our strategic partnerships with multiple tool vendors to achieve:

  • Best-in-class software test automation services ensuring continuous testing
  • Accelerated release of applications into production
  • Sustain continuous feedback and improvement across the software lifecycle
  • A collaborative development and continuous testing environment with the right mix of commercial and open source tools

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