Harness The Power of HP ALM With Cigniti

Best-in-class HP QC to ALM Migration Services

Realize Real Benefits With HP Quality Center To HP ALM Migration Services

Harness The Power of HP ALM With Cigniti

With end of support for legacy HP Toolset including QC, QTP, and Load Runner, it is critical for businesses running critical applications on these to upgrading & achieve greater compatibility with HP toolsets. An optimized asset management and cross-project asset sharing is also possible with QC/ALM, which drives the decision of upgrade/migration. While HP QC Enterprise helps bring in consistency in QA procedures across the application lifecycle, HP Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) does that and more by providing the visibility and collaboration you need to bring agility to your enterprise.

Cigniti believes in continuous innovation and helps organizations adopt latest tools using its Migration Accelerators. We help organizations address a unique set of challenges around deciding when to move data from older HP Quality Center software systems to the New HP ALM and start realizing the benefits of:

  • Reduced risks and delivery cycle time
  • Minimum downtime and improved efficiency
  • Enterprise view and enhance team satisfaction
  • Improved resource utilization and increased responsiveness
  • Reduced development cost and maximum stakeholder satisfaction

Our Key Clients

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An Overview of Cigniti’s 9-Step QC To ALM Upgrade Approach

Cigniti follows a 9-step migration process to help you realize the true potential of HP ALM software:

  1. Assess the need
  2. Analyze current state – Infrastructure and tool integration
  3. Define upgrade criteria – Infrastructure, versions, validation rules, downtimes
  4. Define upgrade approach – Backup projects and data, project priorities, upgrade type
  5. Upgrade – Start downtime, upgrade in sandbox, create projects, and upload assets
  6. Enhance – Assets and customizations for optimization
  7. Validate – Validate the upgrade and data, end user validation
  8. Track and Restore – Track issues raised and Restore from backup in case of issues
  9. Push to production – Point to the updated instance

QC To ALM – Upgrade Paths

There are many ways to upgrade QC to HP ALM and each approach comes with its own set of challenges. An efficient approach is needed to reduce the efforts and realize successful migration.

Businesses choose one of the two upgrade path options available to them – Direct Upgrade & Phased upgrade, based on the number of projects, infrastructure, downtimes, and priority:

  • Upgrade QC 9.2 directly to ALM 11
  • Upgrade QC 9.2 to QC 9.2 or 10 and then to ALM 11
  • Quality Center Enterprise 9.2 or 10 upgrades to Quality Center Enterprise 11
  • Quality Centre Premier 10 upgrades to ALM 11

A Direct Upgrade works well with companies which have lesser number of projects and when there are no changes to schema or underlying infrastructure. This path has a higher server downtime.

A Phased Upgrade, on the other hand, works with bigger enterprises where there is a need for sandbox infrastructure to have the legacy instance running the projects which are ported and made live on the new instance.

HP QC Enterprise Vs HP ALM

HP ALM gives IT teams a common workspace to train, implement, and track their project activities. It has a number of new features that bring testing and full application lifecycle management together.

Here are the additional components/features in HP ALM, on top of the features of HP QC:

  • Project planning & tracking
  • Cross-project reporting to aggregate metrics across multiple projects
  • Asset libraries (Requirements and Tests) for sharing and reuse across projects
  • Centralized process standardization to create templates & enforce workflows/process across multiple projects.
  • Defect sharing – Share defects across multiple projects
  • High Availability Server (Optional purchase for QC) to allow for scalability across large enterprises is included at no extra cost

Strategic Alliances

Our strategic partnership with HP allows us to offer additional value to clients across verticals.

  • HP Service Provider Partner: Being selected as one of the reputed service provider partners for HP, Cigniti has access to HP tools and training to successfully deliver HP Software & Solutions implementation services to clients.
  • HP Enterprise Level Agreement: Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with HP provides us an ability to utilize HP UFT/QTP/LR/QC/ALM licenses on pay‐per‐use/term basis.

Our Partnerships

Cigniti partners with HP to offer a complete migration service to our clients.


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