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Why are companies moving from Traditional Test Automation to Scriptless Test Automation?

Test Automation has been in practice for over 20 years, utilizing an automation framework to build, define and execute tests. However, all organizations do not have readily deployable developers to create these automated tests. Additionally, as applications and products mature, there is huge maintenance overhead leading to lower ROI and coverage from automation.

Hence, the need for a Scriptless Automation Tool. Scriptless Test Automation enables testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. It helps to achieve faster results and reduces the time expended to understand and develop the code, leading to faster TTM, higher ROI and increased coverage with low maintenance.

Typical Scriptless adoption journey

The level of test automation has significantly increased not only in terms of quantity but also in quality in a cost-effective manner and increased productivity with faster development. According to research and market trend, the three levels of test automation adoption are as follows.

Introducing iNSta: A self-healing, AI-powered Scriptless Automation platform

iNSta is Cigniti’s intelligent scriptless test automation platform that enables the building of production-grade test automation suites, instantly!

It is a self-healing and ultra-accessible interface that defines your tests without having to write any code. iNSta helps in improving the overall QA efficiency and effectiveness.

Being a self-evolving platform, iNSta gives you the control and flexibility to reuse test assets for assured production quality and the fastest possible time-to-market.

Additionally, iNSta provides a test design studio that aids reusable test asset development. It leverages AI technologies to provide an adaptive framework that supports automation artifacts to evolve in sync with the application under test (AUT). The test execution engine integrates with the latest CI/CD tools and the cloud (Sauce Labs, Browser Stack) infrastructure to support Continuous Testing.


Cigniti’s self-healing and self-evolving AI and ML based Scriptless Test Automation tool.

Scale your automation coverage by democratizing test automation (no vendor lock-in!)

Cigniti’s extensive service portfolio to help you through your Scriptless Test Automation journey

Utilize Cigniti’s intelligent Scriptless Test Automation platform to

Save 70% effort through self-healing algorithms with zero manual involvement

Reduce test execution time by 44% and achieve 74% test automation coverage

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