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Cigniti’s test automation CoE leverages Selenium as a tool of choice for automating web application testing, for performing functional regression automation, and to develop and maintain automated test suites. Cigniti has invested a significant amount of resources to develop a custom test automation framework using Selenium for cross-platform application testing for the web, and mobile applications. Using Selenium WebDriver as the engine, Cigniti has implemented custom solutions to function with various lifecycle tools to ensure seamless integration.

Selenium Test Automation Services - cigniti

Cigniti’s 300+ Selenium test automation experts contribute regularly to the growing Selenium open source test automation community. We are proven thought leaders in providing strategic consulting services to clients in implementing test automation using Selenium.

Cigniti’s core service offerings for organizations planning to implement Selenium Test Automation includes:

  • Test Automation Assessment & ROI Analysis
  • Framework Development, Customization, Integration, Review, & Analysis
  • Automated Test Suite Development & Maintenance
  • Automated Selenium Migration Services (Migrate2Selenium platform)


Cigniti’s test automation center of excellence helps clients jumpstart their automation efforts and implement a proven platform to increase longevity and reduce maintenance. Cigniti’s IP driven tools and test automation services maximize the benefits of utilizing Selenium WebDriver.

A few of our key differentiators are:

  • 300+ experts with an average experience of 4 years in implementing test automation using Selenium
  • Mature & proven test automation framework refined over 4 years and 120 successful engagements
  • Enterprise quality framework built with on the ground experience and industry standard components
  • 100’s of pre-built functions and libraries for common automation functions
  • Reduced cost of implementation with pre-built platform integrations
  • Enhanced WebDriver to support platforms like Flex, extJS, etc.
  • Intuitive reporting for ease of test reporting

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Cigniti has a dedicated team of 200+ Selenium test automation experts. With extensive experience in Selenium browser testing for applications of all sizes, across industries, they have helped a large number of enterprises in North America achieve significant returns on their testing engagements. Here is a small subset of our client list and we would be glad to have you as one of our esteemed clients.

Southwest Airlines - Cigniti Client
Delta Dental - Cigniti Client
Commerce Hub - Cigniti Client
ALDO - Cigniti Client
TeleTech - Cigniti Client
Swift Capital - Cigniti Client


Cigniti’s unified test automation framework helps overcome key challenges in utilizing Selenium for test automation. The framework provides the capability to use common test scripts for testing mobile browsers and native mobile applications and also helps in achieving higher regression test velocity with parallel execution on multiple platforms. The key features of Cigniti’s Selenium test automation framework are:

  • API testing integration with SoapUI & REST-Assured
  • Integration with Appium to enable mobile device testing
  • Support for HTML5/AngularJS applications using Protractor
  • Advanced object identification capabilities using XPath, CSS
  • Business friendly, enhanced test reporting with HTML/CSS views
  • Page object model for reduction of code duplication & maintenance
  • Multiple programming language support (Java, C#, Python, Ruby, JavaScript)
  • Scalability with built-in support for parallel execution using BrowserStack, SauceLabs, and Selenium Grid
  • X-Browser ready for cross browser testing on IE, Firefox, Chrome, & Safari with low script maintenance
  • Readily available integrations to common platforms
    • Continuous Integration – Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS etc.
    • Test Lifecycle Management – JIRA, TFS, ALM, TestLink, TeamCity, qTest etc.
    • Version Control – GitHub, Bitbucket, SubVersion
Selenium Test Automation Framework - Cigniti


Migrate2Selenium - Selenium Migration Tool - Cigniti

Cigniti helps in reducing the cost of adoption of Selenium platform while leveraging existing investments in test automation. Migrate2Selenium is Cigniti’s home grown test migration solution which allows clients to seamlessly migrate their existing test automation assets that were created using tools like HP UFT, Test Complete, Coded UI etc. to Selenium platform and reduce the effort by over 80%. Leading enterprises have leveraged Migrate2Selenium to accelerate their efforts of adopting Selenium to achieve velocity and reduce costs.

The key benefits with Migrate2Selenium are:

  • Supports migration from any platform to Selenium
  • Supports thick client applications and web applications
  • Ensures non-disruptive conversion of framework components
  • Supports automated migration of test assets with minimal manual intervention
  • 15 times faster and 10 times more cost effective compared to manual migration
  • Performs migration of all the test assets including source code, object repositories, libraries, and framework
  • Supports diverse automation frameworks, heterogeneous data sources, and multiple programming languages


Selenium - Cigniti Partner
Saucelabs - Cigniti Partner