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Leverage Cigniti’s Robust Test Automation Framework for
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Companies face challenges in adopting tools to automate their testing. It is primarily due to high investment costs associated with tool procurement and the difficulty in selecting the right automation framework. Enterprises prefer to GO LIVE in the “Shortest Possible Time Frame without Compromising on Quality” of their product/services. Hence both, ISVs and Enterprises also expect acceleration of test events across the Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).

Cigniti Test Automation Accelerator helps clients overcome these challenges, and speeds up the automation of their functional and regression testing. The robust framework provided by the solution enables early automation, which helps develop test scripts during the design and development phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Further, the solution leverages existing automation tools and allows engagement of business users in test automation, while reducing the dependence on highly skilled testing personnel.

Cigniti’s dedicated Automation Center of Excellence (ACoE) is backed by a decade of R&D to deliver cost effective Test Automation solutions. Cigniti’s ACoE has developed a set of reusable test automation assets that form the core of Cigniti’s Test Automation Accelerator Kit. This jumpstart kit that consists of a tool & technology agnostic framework, seamlessly integrates into Cigniti’s Test Automation framework and helps to quick start the automation project bringing in significant scripting effort savings.

Cigniti works with an optimal mix of technical and functional experts who identify the best possible way to automate test activities, develop & streamline automation processes across STLC, and ensure quicker ROI.


  • End-to-end automation framework: Scalable and extensible automation framework covering multiple application technology platforms and packages ensures lower investment cost and faster ROI as the framework is well defined, easy to use, robust, and scalable
  • Reusable business components: Enables higher reusability and reduced effort during maintenance. Automated test cases based on the design of the business processes result in higher reuse of scripts
  • Pre-built function libraries: Reduces the cost of developing an automation test suite by up to 30%. They enable generation of automated scripts after documenting the logical flow of test cases
  • Tool Agnostic Framework: Supports and seamlessly integrates with multiple leading commercial tools such as HP UFT and open source tools such as Selenium
  • Early and faster test automation: On confirmation of test requirements, test automation can be conducted concurrently with preparation of manual test cases
  • Faster time to market and increased ROI: Provides competitive advantage and enables routing of cost savings to other IT and business initiatives
  • Automation methodology: Reduces development cost by enabling business users and manual testers to develop automated test scripts
  • Reduces the maintenance efforts: By means of frequent application releases without compromising on the quality of testing
  • Flexibility: Provides high flexibility in maintaining scripts when application undergo changes over multiple releases
  • Faster Break-even: Break-even point of investment can be achieved in 5 – 10 test cycles


Cigniti Test Automation Accelerator Kit, consists of tool & technology agnostic framework, reusable object libraries, pre-built automated scripts and automation guidelines & best practices. The Kit is designed to support thick-client (desktop) applications, web-based applications, mobile apps, packaged applications and other custom applications. These reusable assets can also be easily integrated with the existing automation framework of clients, where required. It enables end-to-end automation of your applications across the SDLC without compromising on the quality of testing.

This kit is provided at no additional cost to Cigniti’s clients to help accelerate test automation cycles.

Following is a list of the benefits and key differentiators of GTAAK:

  • Continuous Integration
    • The test automation suite can be integrated with CI tools such as Jenkins
  • Just-in-Time Reporting
    • Custom reports with traceability to manual test steps and intuitive error reporting
    • Reports pushed to the designated users upon completion of test execution
  • Portability and Forward Integration
    • Configuration File for easier portability across environments
    • Properties file for integration across releases
    • Accommodates addition of new workflows with minimal effort
  • Extensibility and Service Virtualization
    • Test early in the lifecycle using stubs / services
    • Helps overcome dependency, eliminate wait cycles during test preparation
    • Reduce the time required for complete end-to-end testing
  • Effort and Cost Savings
    • Over 30% effort reduction in building Test Automation suite & Over 40% reduction in test script maintenance
    • More than 50% overall cost savings in Automation Design, Execution Cycle and Maintenance

What Clients Say

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Consult our experienced team of career testers for your Testing requirements.


Cigniti’s Test Automation Model maps the Client’s business requirements to the test automation needs starting with Automation feasibility and finally leading to the Test execution.


Cigniti has forged strategic partnerships with various Testing tool vendors which help us offer additional value to our clients. Our partnerships with tool vendors such as Experitest, HP, Smartbear, Selenium, Ranorex, and Testplant help us to support our clients to choose the right tool based on their requirements and budget.



Cigniti has executed many test automation engagements for clients in a wide range of industry domains and for a variety of applications. Our customized test automation solution based on clients’ requirements helps them realize quick benefits of automation. We not only understand the needs of our clients but of their clients as well. Below is the partial list of our clients who trust us for their test automation needs.



Cigniti has been recognized as “Challenger” in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 for Application Testing Services, Worldwide. This industry recognition reinforces our deep expertise in the testing space, predominantly, Test Automation Services.