Test Automation Framework and Reusable Testing Artifacts for Digital Banking

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Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework for Banks

Cigniti’s Test Automation Framework (CTAF) is a tool-agnostic framework that can be used across multiple applications/mobile devices with minimal re-work. Cigniti is also in partnership with HP and has delivered QA Automation solutions to over 30+ satisfied banking customers. This framework is reusable & modular, reducing effort by around 25%. It enables test teams to jump-start test events around 30% faster to deliver solutions quickly & realize greater ROI. The framework is also pro-agile with CI tools such as Jenkins, etc.

Solutions & Reusable Testing Artifacts for Banking

Cigniti has proven tools and accelerators for the Banking space that positively impact the efforts involved and reduce the time-to-market for its clients.

Delimit-Ex is a one-step solution that helps decode complex financial files by automatically decrypting them and exporting them in a readable format such as EFT and ABA. This reduces the testing time by 40%, relieving the testers to focus on finding defects instead of reading the files. The tool is also reverse engineered to create test files in various formats and is embedded with basic auto validation capabilities.

Cigniti has leveraged its extensive experience of testing banking applications and has come out with a generic ready-to-use Test Repository. This comprises of test scenarios for key standard business flows that result in high reusability and quick transition. This can enable testers to jump-start their testing efforts and significantly reduce the time it takes to ramp up new projects. We currently have around 10,000+ reusable test cases encompassing various Banking modules like Account creation, Deposits, Loans, Payments, Mortgages, etc.

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