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Streamline QA processes with a Center of Excellence

Traditional QA processes are rendered with inefficient maintenance of application/product quality, underperforming testing functions, suboptimal utilization of people, tools, infrastructure, and inconsistent test processes across locations. Setting up a TCoE can effectively resolve these challenges for enterprises. A TCoE accrues many benefits to an organization in terms of improved quality, lesser time to market, and lower cost of ownership.

Cigniti’s Test Center of Excellence creates a centralized testing function, helps improve efficiency, optimizes people/tool utilization, and reduces testing costs. Our TCoE services combine the deep understanding of industry best practices and decade-long expertise in software testing services delivery.

Cigniti’s ability to set up cross-functional TCoE in business organizations removes redundancies, streamlines testing processes and hence accelerates the entire software testing life cycle. Our TCoE Services are unique as we not only take up the end-to-end QA ownership but also provide complimentary testing R&D expertise in the form of IP and test accelerators. To handle sporadic service demand, we also offer a ‘Shared Pool’ model of engagement.

Healthcare Performance Test Center of Excellence helps slash testing cost by 50%

Healthcare Performance Test Center of Excellence helps slash testing cost by 50%

The healthcare digital disruption is resulting in proliferation of critical applications to enhance accessibility for care delivery. A top healthcare IT organization wanted to establish a performance TCoE to assess production readiness and regional impact of its application.

Know how Cigniti’s Performance TCoE helped reduce overall testing costs by 50% along with 20% increase in scalability.

Key Differentiators of Cigniti’s Test Center of Excellence

Cigniti’s TCoE Services have consistently met and exceeded the needs of enterprises & ISVs across the verticals. The key differentiators of our Test Center of Excellence are:

  • Agile and highly-responsive testing services
  • Co-located testing professionals (Career Testers) & access to specialist software testing pool
  • IP-led testing services with our proprietary test platform, BlueSwan, which comprises 5 elements – Verita, Velocita, Cesta, Praxia, and Prudentia
  • Improved test planning, management, governance, and reporting
  • Reduction in total cost of software testing up to 40%
  • Lowering the need for expensive testing infrastructure (hardware and tools)
  • Proven expertise in setting up TCoE for large organizations
  • Process Asset Library (PAL) containing over 500 customizable components for process standardization

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Test Center of Excellence Expertise & Benefits


reduction in software testing costs


customizable componenets in Process Asset Library (PAL)

Software Testing Labs & Test Center Of Excellence

At Cigniti, we have established Software Test Centers of Excellence around Mobile, Performance, and Security Testing. We have set up dedicated labs within the organization, which our clients leverage for gaining maximum benefit from their QA investment. Our TCoEs are powered by the strong strategic partnerships with leading test tool vendors and our test professionals have profound expertise in handling various commercial and open-source testing tools.

Process Asset Library (PAL)

Process Asset Library (PAL)

Cigniti’s Test Center of Excellence – SCALE Framework

Cigniti’s TCoE Framework (SCALE) is designed to provide a holistic and integrated way to achieve excellence for a testing organization or unit. The proprietary framework consists of core elements addressing all aspects of an organization’s software testing needs. It includes:

Executive Commitments: The Executive Management takes responsibility for the success of TCoE by conducting regular leadership review meetings. It ensures that budgets are allocated and goals & objectives are defined for the testing organization.

Quality Management: TCoE implements and follows standard process quality assurance practices.

Drivers: Drivers aid in the effective implementation of all the IT processes and procedures by enabling business transformation and benchmarking performance of test organization for optimum ROIs.

Jumpstart Kit: The jumpstart kit accelerates initial setup time of TCoE by providing customized frameworks for enhancing productivity and/or reducing process cycle time. The accelerator kit consists of a Process Asset Library (PAL) that contains over 500 proven & highly-customizable assets such as guidelines, templates, checklists, & standards that can be easily deployed for standardization.

Core Testing Services: The core testing services component of TCoE framework is responsible for providing all types of testing across the entire organization.

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