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Accelerate Digital Transformation with DevOps

13th March, 2018 | 11 AM EST / 8.30 PM IST

Want to know how DevOps can help accelerate Digital Transformation in your organization?
This webinar is tailor-made for you!

Kalyana Rao Konda

President - Cigniti Technologies

Kalyan is a software testing industry leader and Agile software testing expert. At Cigniti, Kalyan spends a lot of time in understanding client expectations, feedback, new requirements and road maps. He is a strong proponent of IP led testing services and has a pending patent in the area of intelligent test scenario generation to accelerate software test life cycles.

Sunil Mavadia

Director - Customer Success at XebiaLabs

Sunil Mavadia is Director of Customer Success for XebiaLabs. A former customer, Sunil brings deep experience with DevOps initiatives, having lead major DevOps transition projects with his previous company. At XebiaLabs, Sunil works closely with customers to ensure successful implementations of the XebiaLabs DevOps Platform.

What you’ll learn

The business-critical need of Digital Transformation

How can you accelerate Digital Transformation with DevOps?

The need of Continuous Deployment to achieve faster time-to-market

"By 2019, 60% of CIOs Will Complete Infrastructure and Application Re-platforming Using Cloud, Mobile, and DevOps, Clearing the Deck for Accelerated Enterprise Digital Transformation"
- IDC FutureScape: Worldwide CIO Agenda 2018 Predictions