Webinar on Business Transformation using Test Advisory Services


Webinar on Business Transformation using Test Advisory Services


Today, in the ‘age of customer’, businesses are increasingly challenged to become digital and be available everywhere and every time. This puts a huge demand on their IT function and thereby on its entire value chain and especially on its Testing function which is crucial to the overall success of the product. To thrive in these markets, organizations have to transform from traditional ways of working to new age models of delivering high performance outcomes. While Business Transformation is the key to meeting the market demands and also to assure a higher ROI, the journey of transformation is fraught with many risks, which if not handled well may de-rail the entire program and its efforts.

Having helped many clients in their transformational journeys, we at Gallop have designed a robust framework that can help in addressing the challenges and risks. Our framework is designed such that any transformation journey is first kicked off with a holistic assessment of the testing function to understand the key strengths and opportunities for improvements. We also provide a detailed set of practical recommendations along with a roadmap to achieve the business objectives.

This webinar throws light on some of the best practices and capabilities to understand how a transformation should be planned, designed and executed.

In this Webinar you will learn how to:

  • Operate with a consistent and focused testing approach
  • Have a predictable testing duration and cost
  • Reduce the time and money spent on resolving production defects
  • Have a quantitative approach for identifying release criteria


Sandhya Nagaraj
AVP-Consulting, Gallop

Sandhya Nagaraj is a dynamic and result oriented professional with nearly 18 years of proven success in Test Management Consulting including Test Maturity Assessments, Software Quality Assurance, Internal Audits and Knowledge management. Sandhya has led over 50 test organization assessments and TCoE consulting engagements across the globe.

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