Cigniti Positioned as a Challenger in Computer Vision Tools, Q1 2024 Report by Independent Research Firm

Cigniti Positioned as a Challenger in Computer Vision Tools, Q1 2024 Report by Independent Research Firm

Dallas, April 5 2024: Cigniti Technologies, a global leader in AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services, is proud to announce that it has been positioned as a Challenger in The Forrester Wave™: Computer Vision Tools, Q1 2024. Cigniti believes this recognition places Cigniti among industry giants such as Google, AWS, and other leading platform companies that have been pioneering advancements in AI and Computer Vision.

The Forrester report states that Cigniti offers good annotation capabilities. In summary, the report says that Cigniti aims to redefine data annotation by integrating active learning and generative AI (genAI) technologies, which it plans to achieve through its Zastra CV platform. This platform is intended to set new standards for data annotation and support broader computer vision application development. Cigniti’s current roadmap focuses on enhancing annotation-related features, including lidar point data annotation, synthetic data creation, and active learning audio annotation. Additionally, Zastra’s strength lies in data management, encompassing data collection, annotation, and anomaly avoidance. Forrester notes that Cigniti is a good match for clients seeking a data annotation accelerator with some CV platform capabilities or for leveraging Cigniti’s broader suite of services.

Srikanth Chakkilam, Chief Executive Officer at Cigniti, “Our positioning as a Challenger in the Forrester Wave™ reinforces for us our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. By integrating active learning and genAI technologies into our solutions, we aim to set new standards in data annotation and computer vision applications. This acknowledgment fuels our drive to innovate and enhances our dedication to providing solutions that empower our clients and transform the industry.”

Sairam Vedam, Chief Marketing Officer at Cigniti, “This recognition by Forrester is a significant milestone for us. We believe being positioned as a Challenger in this highly competitive evaluation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and our relentless pursuit of delivering top-notch solutions in the field of computer vision. In our opinion, it validates our strategic direction and the innovative efforts we are putting into developing the Zastra CV platform. Our goal is to continuously redefine data annotation standards by leveraging active learning and GenAI technologies. We are committed to making substantial contributions to the field of computer vision and delivering exceptional value to our clients.”

Cigniti’s recognition in The Forrester Wave™ is not just an achievement; we feel it is a catalyst for us to continue pushing the envelope in the Gen AI, AI, and computer vision domains. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and drive the future of technology.

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