Cigniti Unveils New Brand Identity and Vision for the Future

Cigniti Unveils New Brand Identity and Vision for the Future

Hyderabad, India, 9th August 2022 – Cigniti Technologies, the world’s leading AI and IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services company, has unveiled a new brand identity reflecting its renewed vision to help its clients in accelerating their digital transformation journeys and achieve market leadership.

The new brand identity reflects Cigniti’s strengthened resolve to be a trusted digital transformation partner for its clients including 60 of its Fortune 500 and 80+ of its Global 2000 companies, delivering at a global scale with increasingly localized capabilities, and leveraging quality-first digital assurance, product engineering, AI, ML, data and insights, data visualization, automation, and blockchain.

Cigniti Technologies

In addition to conveying the futuristic vision, the new logo aspires to uphold a contemporary attitude, produce a powerful visual depiction of a shift toward digitalization, and at the same time imbibe the company’s software quality-first mindset. Additionally, it aims to exemplify the intense commitment and forward-thinking transformation that the business is embracing through innovation, automation, and artificial intelligence.

The company’s digital thinking and digital avatar are a reflection of its ability to engineer, assure, and technologically transform and accelerate outcomes for global companies, helping them achieve market leadership in their chosen lines of business.

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