Cigniti’s AI/ML Client Successes Across Industries Reaffirm its AI & IP-led Digital Engineering Service Capabilities

Cigniti’s AI/ML Client Successes Across Industries Reaffirm its AI & IP-led Digital Engineering Service Capabilities

Dallas, April 30, 2024: Cigniti’s AI-driven analytics expertise has enabled global companies to achieve production-ready solutions and enhanced business outcomes, leveraging its IP-led platforms – BlueSwan™ and Zastra.

Cigniti provides end-to-end AI/ML project services, including consulting, strategy, development, testing, deployment, and management. Their capabilities cover AI strategy, ML testing, model building, cognitive services, and deep learning. Responsible AI/ML interventions have become essential for organizations, driving improved experience and efficiency.

Specializing in personalized AI implementations, Cigniti’s in-house AI/ML experts ensure timely project delivery. Their AI/ML validation platform rigorously assesses model performance, while their proficiency in explainable AI addresses challenges and fosters transparency. Moreover, Cigniti’s annotation workflow platform, Zastra™, streamlines data annotation efforts and facilitates collaboration. These collective capabilities drive enhanced experiences and operational efficiency for Cigniti’s esteemed Global 2000 and Fortune 500 clients.

Cigniti’s AI-enabled predictive analytics and enterprise intelligence services for three of its clients – (i) for a Non-Profit Organization in enhancing a decision support system, (ii) for an HVAC Manufacturer in implementing digital fingerprint, and (iii) for a leading Caribbean Bank in conducting model validation, were included alongside a select group of 19 case studies in IDC’s Case Study compendium “Enterprise Intelligence Services Case Studies: AI-Enabled Analytics, # US50082223, Jan 2024”

Commenting on this, Srikanth Chakkilam, CEO of Cigniti Technologies, stated, “We believe the independent industry analyst firm’s Future of Enterprise Intelligence research underscores the pivotal role of AI/ML interventions in enhancing organizational efficiency and experiences. I am happy to see our AI/ML expertise delivered across three industries has been recognized and featured by the analyst firm. At Cigniti, our specialized offerings include AI strategy, ML testing, model building, cognitive services, and deep learning, ensuring timely delivery and impactful outcomes for our clients. Moreover, we’re actively advancing our Gen AI capabilities and developing platforms, enabling global clients to harness the potential of AI and win the digital landscape.”

Sairam Vedam, CMO of Cigniti Technologies, added, “Cigniti, as a leading player in the AI & IP-led Digital Engineering and Digital Assurance services, is keenly attuned to the transformative power of AI, as we believe is emphasized by independent analyst firm’s Future of Enterprise Intelligence research. Our commitment to innovation and adaptability drives us to provide cutting-edge AI/ML and predictive analytics solutions, empowering organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving market. As we continue to leverage AI to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and stay ahead of the curve, we remain steadfast in our mission to drive digital transformation and excellence to all our global clients across industries.”

Access the report here for detailed case studies and more information.

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Cigniti Technologies Limited (NSE: CIGNITITEC; BSE: 534758) is the world’s leading AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering Services Company. 4200+ Cignitians worldwide help Fortune 500 & Global 2000 enterprises across 25 countries accelerate their digital transformation journey across various stages of digital adoption and help them achieve market leadership by providing transformation services leveraging IP and platform-led innovation with expertise across multiple verticals and domains. Our industry-leading digital assurance and AI-led digital engineering services are helping global customers with measurable outcomes, millions of dollars of savings, and significant ROI. We are headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with global offices spread across the USA, Canada, UK, and UAE.

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