ISG Recognizes Cigniti as ‘Leader’ in Continuous Testing for the US Market

ISG Recognizes Cigniti as ‘Leader’ in Continuous Testing for the US Market

10th Nov 2022, Dallas Cigniti Technologies, the world’s leading AI & IP-led Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services company, has been recognized  as a ’Leader’ in ISG’s Provider Lens™ report for 2022 Next-Gen Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services, Oct 2022. The recognition comes in the category of Continuous Testing Specialists.

“Continuous testing services ensure the right quality at speed in the Business 4.0 era, which is characterized by the widespread adoption of Agile and DevOps. This enables organizations to deliver superior customer experiences to retain customer loyalty and expand the business. We believe that our repeated ranking as a Leader in this report is a resounding endorsement of our strategy, solid capabilities, and innovative and ground-breaking solutions. Our promise to our customers that a quality-first approach leads to a successful digital transformation through continuous testing, digital assurance, and automation gets a further boost with this recognition”, said Srikanth Chakkilam, CEO of Cigniti.

“To develop new IP-based products like AI-led test data management, test environment management, and security engineering, we continue to aggressively invest in our IP, BlueSwanTM”, added Srikanth.

Sairam Vedam, CMO at Cigniti, said, “This positioning by ISG demonstrates our progressive investments in IP-led automation-oriented continuous testing services. We help our customers in delivering great experiences quickly and mitigate business risks thanks to our extensive portfolio of intellectual property and solutions, deep contextual and subject expertise, and customer-centricity.”

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