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The term product now is being widely used to encompass digital platforms, smartphone apps, web portals, and clients’ internal business systems. Demand has boomed for custom-made software that delivers differentiated digital experiences, often through intelligent connected products. The market for developing custom software products is over $100 billion.

– Gartner

Realizing the full potential of an offering today is possible only if we meet the customer (internal and/or external) where they are.

Today, building highly responsive, lightweight platforms needs a review of architecture, selection of the tech stack, identification of the required integrations, data flow/collection strategies, and exploring ML interventions. It is important to do all this in an iterative and accelerated manner while leveraging best practices like microservices, DevOps, CI/CD, and so on.

At Cigniti, we have deep expertise in every step of the product engineering journey – all the way from understanding your vision to translating it into a software product to operations/maintenance. We can be your entire engineering organization, or you can leverage us in a plug-and-play model to bridge the gaps that you see in any of the steps.

Our Offerings

Enterprise Application DevelopmentBuild customized business apps that are powered by automation and innovation to fulfill all current and foreseeable company needs.
Mobile / Web Application DevelopmentDeliver top-notch web and mobile apps that can deliver new features more quickly, are scalable, and offer wonderful customer experiences.
Application ModernizationModernize your application portfolio to provide your company with greater agility and flexibility and gain a competitive edge.
Application RationalisationImprove efficiency and lower total cost of ownership by cataloging and eliminating duplicate software applications.
MicroservicesModernize legacy IT systems by reorganizing the apps and simplifying the deployments to meet digital demands.
Implementations, Maintenance, and SupportExperience scalability and increased flexibility that leads to improved system performance and increase revenue.

Client Success

Built a pioneering end-to-end online platform for delivering medicines in Australia. Mobile-first approach with web-based backend integration to pharmacies.

Built an ML-infused digital platform that recommends the right program, the very first time to at-risk youth. Huge improvement in program completion and no return to care.

Built a digital marketplace for the food processing industry in Singapore.

Transformed the customer experience of the UK’s first mobile-only bank.

Client Speak

Senior IT leaders share how our services helped them win in the platform age.

Why Cigniti Product Engineering?

With decades in the Product Engineering space, we bring thought leadership, experience, process maturity, frameworks/accelerators,
flexible engagement models, and partnerships to help you transform your product engineering efforts.

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