Listen to Cigniti thought leaders at HSTC 2014 – STeP-IN Forum’s 5th International Conference

HSTC 2014 - STeP-IN Forum's 5th International Conference on Software Testing in Hyderabad, brings you a unique conference that reflects the landscape and opportunities for Testers today.

Listen to Cigniti thought leaders to see what's coming in future for testing industry.

Day 1
Date: November 27, 2014 | Time: 9:00 to 11:00, Session 1–B |

Workshop Title: Mobile Performance Testing- A Hybrid Approach
Speaker: Rahul Goel - Senior Manager, Cigniti Technologies


Smartphones and tablets are the first point of interface and in some cases, even the Point Of Sale (POS). The stakes are so high that it is mandatory for businesses to assess performance of the mobile app before releasing it into the market. From a business standpoint, the user-experience and responsiveness of mobile apps is crucial to capture market share and client engagement.

Performance is an outcome of the collective effort and meticulous testing. The ability to simulate and generate load in the mobile context is crucial to ensure performance that not only strengthens the business process but also ensures a great experience to the end user.

Key takeaway:

The benefits which mobile performance testing brings to app-perception is immense. Further innovation around mobile performance testing can bring out untapped possibilities and increased productivity.

  • Record and design test scripts
  • Design different workload models
  • Simulate different network bandwidths and user behaviours

Day 2
Date: November 28, 2014 | Time: 11:00 to 11:45, Session 1–B | Topic : Robotics Testing – A Technical Perspective
Speaker: Mahesh Prabhakaran Kannath - Senior Software Engineer, Cigniti Technologies



This presentation describes the complexity of the robotic product that was tested and the different approaches used to dig the bugs out from it. The product, being a micro-controller based embedded system with a separate software having a graphical programming environment is the major device and comes with several inputs and outputs components. The testing approaches presented are ideal for all such systems with minimal customization.

The presenter covers aspects like:

  • What is robotics testing
  • How similar complex systems can be tested
  • The challenges in such types of testing
  • How complexity can be reduced by introducing different testing methods
  • How such exposure will help boost a testing career

Cigniti Technologies is a proud Platinum and Entertainment Sponsor at STC 2014

We are excited to be sponsoring The 14th Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC 2014) taking place on 4-5 December 2014 in Bangalore, India. Built on the theme of Re-invent Testing – Inspiring Innovation & Increasing Agility, this year the conference will be a display of ideas, experiments and experiences to explore challenges and suggest techniques and Best Practices to successfully create a culture of inspired innovation, and increased agility.

This year at STC 2014 we discuss ideas, experiments and experiences to explore challenges and suggest techniques and Best Practices to successfully create inspired innovation and increased agility. The discussions and presentations focus on how organization transforms itself on multiple aspects – People, Process, Tools & Technology. The single most important challenge to be addressed would be to change the mindset and perception that we need to move from Best to Next in an Agile way; and it is important we discuss, debate and agree on the requirement of the change. It is time that we moved to re-investing ourselves for greater benefits.

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Mark your calender on 5th December (Day 2) from 15:30 to 16:00 to experience a thought provoking keynote session by Mr Raghuram Krovvidy.


Speed@Quality re-invents testing

Speaker Details

Raghuram is Vice President Global Delivery at Cigniti Technologies with 19+ years of experience managing global testing practices.


Today's businesses demand uncompromising software quality at unprecedented speeds. A research / comment by Forrester shows that Amazon releases software every 11.6 Seconds. Hence the conventional approaches to software testing have to be re-looked at and have to fundamentally change. Ability to put customer experience at the center of testing, managing and reacting to expected, unexpected feedbacks from across the spectrum of users (whether internal or end customers) is one thing, while handling it with agility & precision adds to the challenge.

Only businesses that have realigned or willing to re-align their software testing to ensure quality is delivered at speed can succeed in the Application economy driven by Apps. In this session, the speaker will share his insights, experiences and also some thought provoking questions to ensure Speed@Quality is an assured outcome while the software testing is re-invented for today's businesses

Connect with Raghuram at

Engage with Cigniti team through multiple avenues as below:

  • Meet Cigniti team at Exhibition Center
  • Know about Cigniti during Corporate presentation by Sairam Vedam on 5th December (Day 2) at 12:55PM
  • Attend a thought provoking keynote session by Mr Raghuram Krovvidy on 5th December (Day 2) from 15:30 to 16:00

Reach out to Anil Mishra, Sr Manager Marketing who will be at the venue at his cell +91-7032916008 for any activities/request during the conference.


The European Software Testing Awards – testa 2014 on 18th November 2014

The European Software Testing Awards is an independent awards programme designed to celebrate and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the software testing and QA community.

Cigniti sponsors the Best Agile Project of the year award:

Cigniti partners (Event) with National Software Testing Conference 2014 from 20 to 21 May, The British Museum, London

The National Software Testing Conference is a UK-based conference that provides the software testing community at home and abroad with invaluable content from revered industry speakers; practical presentations from the winners and finalists of The European Software Testing Awards; round-table discussion forums, facilitated and lead by key figures; as well as a market leading exhibition, which will enable delegates to view the latest products and services available to them.

Discover Cigniti’s formula for Cloud Based Performance Testing

This webinar will help you understand how to build a Cloud Based Performance Test Lab. This session includes a live demonstration of building a performance testing environment in the cloud and provides insights on development and execution of test scripts.

• How and when to build your own lab on cloud
• How to integrate your existing test lab with the lab set up on the cloud
• Development and execution of test scripts
• How to monitor real time performance statistics while a test is running
• Why and when it makes sense to generate load from the cloud
• How to integrate existing test lab with lab setup on cloud
• Challenges of generating loads from the cloud
• Debugging problems faced during the generation of load from the cloud

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Cigniti participated in the Tweet Chat hosted by 20:20 MSL on “What does 2014 hold for the Tech industry?”

Cigniti participated in the Tweet Chat that was hosted by 20:20 MSL on what does 2014 hold for the Tech industry. Cigniti’s AVP Marketing Sairam Vedam (@saivram) shared his views in the session.

The theme for Cigniti was biggest game changer in enterprise tech.

What are your predictions for 2014 for #IndependentSoftwareTesting?


2014 will see a paradigm shift in testing industry


will gain momentum against ITservices majors

Which are the key technology growth areas for #IndependentSoftwareTesting?










Which are the most promising industry verticals?


#IndependentSoftwareTesting‬‬ will play major role in large application portfolios in BFSI,Life sciences,Utilities.

Which are the most promising industry verticals?


#IndependentSoftwareTesting‬‬ will play major role in large application portfolios in BFSI,Life sciences,Utilities.

The chat had a good traction and was very well received by audience. We look forward to host and participate in many such social media events in near future.

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(UN)Think Conventional Testing

With the shrinking testing cycles, both time and budget - at a time when software drives our lives, it is a scary prospect to test software in the conventional approach. One bad piece of code has resulted in multi-million dollar losses to financial firms and a "Minor" software defect in Toyota's acceleration / braking system resulted in loss of lives.

Cigniti at STC 2013 -13TH Annual Software Testing CONFERENCE

Catch Cigniti COO Raj Neravati ‘s Keynote address on “Factors that will drive the future of Software Testing market” at STC 2013 on December 05. STC 2013 is built on the theme of “ Crossing the Chasm: From Assurance to Confirmation”

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Cigniti is proud to sponsor TiECON 2013

The evolving list of the “fastest growing” companies demonstrates how quickly and successfully entrepreneurs are able to grow and scale their ideas and challenge industry leaders by rising to the top.


Discover Cigniti’s formula for securing mobile applications

Join Cigniti’s webinar on Securing Mobile Applications by Chakri Devarakonda on Wednesday, September, 2013 3:00 PM IST.

The webinar will help you understand how to increase the security of your mobile app and provide insights on the common attack possibilities on a mobile. The session also includes a live demonstration of mobile application security testing.

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Discover Cigniti’s formula for Mobile Test Automation that ensures impeccable levels of QA

The webinar will help you identify factors for selecting the right mobile test automation tool, performing ROI analysis for mobile test automation efforts, developing test automation scripts on mobile native apps including the pitfalls and best practices in mobile test automation.

• How to build a flexible and scalable mobile test automation framework?
• What not to do while designing mobile test automation frameworks?
• How to build a device agnostic mobile test automation framework?
• How to achieve the right balance between Mobile Test Automation and manual testing?
• How to translate client requirements into objectives for designing the framework?
• How to bridge the framework and the business environment?
• How to gear up for Hybrid, Native and Web apps?
• Possible different tools for Mobile automation
• Dos and Don’ts - Design, run and optimization

Target Audience for the session: QA engineers, QA Leads, QA Managers and QA Architects specializing in the test automation of Mobile, Web Apps for ISVs and Enterprises.

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Catch Cigniti COO Raj Neravati and Senior Manager Rahul Goel at SteP-IN SUMMIT 2013

Cigniti COO Raj Neravati will speak on ‘Perspectives and forecast on Testing Phase II of IV and V (Independent verification and validation)at SteP IN SUMMIT 2013 in Bangalore. The session will be held on June 21, 2013 from 3.15 pm to 4.15 pm.

Building Cloud Based Performance Test Lab: An experimental workshop at SteP-IN SUMMIT 2013 by Rahul Goel, Senior Manager at Cigniti Inc. The session will be held on June 19, 2013 from 11:15 am to 1.15 pm.

Using Intelligent Test Suite Generation to Shorten Testing Time Significantly

Today businesses are leveraging agile software development methodologies to ensure a continuous but ready to use software for customers at extremely fast paced intervals of time to sustain business commitments. Hence the ability to ensure optimal test coverage of business processes is essential. Generation of smart test scenarios that covers the multiple paths of business logic is very crucial. Test case design constitutes a large part of testing cost. It is generally agreed that manual testing is becoming a bottleneck and is a frequent cause of project delays especially for large programs. Therefore, automatic test case design is essential to ensure the quality of large software products and to contain the rapidly growing testing costs.

Conference Website

Testlets for BigData

Businesses are struggling to grapple with the growing phenomenal information explosion. Conventional database systems and business intelligence applications have given way to horizontal databases, columnar designs and cloud-enabled schemas powered by sharding techniques. QA becomes equally challenging as BigData is still evolving and it might take few more years for us to see products / tools for testing BigData. The objective of this session is to provide TestLets which can be sought as point-solutions for specific problems. The TestLets focus around data acquisition, data cataloging, data sampling & quality in real time.

Raj Neravati, Chief Operating Officer, Cigniti Inc.








Mr. Neravati is Chief Operating Officer of Cigniti Inc. In this capacity, Raj is responsible for leading our global sales, delivery and overall operations to drive organic growth. Raj will provide leadership and guidance for company's vision of helping clients build and deliver software with predictable outcome.

Prior to joining Cigniti, Raj worked at AppLabs Inc as Senior Vice President responsible for Global Delivery Operations. Raj is an industry speaker and has pioneered several models for establishing Test Center of Excellence. With a vast experience in Six Sigma, TMM and Prince2 methodologies, Raj has defined CXO dashboards and proprietary frameworks to translate delivery metrics into a business value.

Conference Website

11th Annual International Conference on Software Testing

The 11th Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC 2011), organized by QAI in association with Edista Institute (ETI), will take place from 01 - 02 December, 2011 in Bangalore.

In its 11 th year, STC 2011 focuses on the theme of Testing Enterprise 2.0 - Getting Ready for the Quantum Leap 2011 - Year of 25th Anniversary of Quantum Computer. In the current world of continual change, computing has become complex and extremely inseparable from our daily lives. In fact, today our lives depend of computing so much than ever before making the need for testing very imminent.

Building on the theme, STC 2011 focuses on building a narrative to piece together the three corner stones of future business opportunity, growth and continuity - Innovation, Institutionalization, and Inorganic Growth. The focus of the Testing Enterprise 2.0 is to focus on the ability of the organizations, practitioners and leaders to adopt, learn and lead in the wake of the new paradigms. It has become imperative for organizations to rapidly and efficiently adapt to changes. Practitioners are forced to examine challenges holistically rather than reductively to understand relationships to better frame the solutions. At the conference practitioners, organizations share and learn the current best practices, and the future possibilities on how to manage not only Agility and Achievement, but focus on adapting and taming the new challenges of change.

STEP-IN Forum’s Hyderabad Software Testing Conference

The objective of this session is to enlighten the users about Cloud Patterns – Need vs. Adoption, Marketing vs. Reality, ROI vs. Cost. Raj will also discuss the elevation of QA from Validation / Verification to Feasibility Study / ROI Decision Making. How can QA become the trusted advisor for a CIO / CFO in safeguarding investments? What should be the checks & balances on Cloud Adoption and Migration? There will also be few insights on Cloud Offerings in the world of TaaS.

We plan to make this session very interactive due to the nature of this topic. There will be a 30 minute slide presentation and 45 minute active discussions with the participants. Raj will moderate this active community discussion with guidelines on how to present your observations.