How QA & Digital Transformation are Changing Organizations

How QA & Digital Transformation are Changing Organizations

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Digital innovators are effectively leveraging digital technologies to disrupt the way businesses function across industries. Customer centric products enable faster, more convenient and more fun usage, thereby increasing customer engagement. All of this translates to riding the digital wave for any given business to reach a good amount of market penetration.

Quality Assurance (QA) enters the fray by assuring business leaders around the world that their business is secured and the quality maintained is to near-perfection. QA engineers, with the help of DevOps, are striving to make a difference early on the application development lifecycle, thereby bringing in the need to test and certify a product right from the early stages itself. Businesses are beginning to test every aspect of their digital presence in order to ensure that their brand image and service offerings remain consistently qualitative.

In this webinar, the presenters, Pradeep G, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies, and Robert Warakomski, Quality Engineering Senior Manager at Subway addressed all of the above topics and more, such as:

  1. The importance of effectively merging Shift-Left and Shift-Right testing approaches in order to enable continuous integration
  2. How predictive analysis, wearable devices and artificial intelligence are radically transforming businesses?
  3. The impact of major retailers across the globe, as well as insights to travel and hospitality industry
  4. How Digital assurance is different from traditional QA?


Speaker Profile 1: PRADEEP G, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies

Pradeep G is the Chief Technology Officer at Cigniti Technologies. Pradeep is an industry thought leader in software testing, with over 15 years of experience. He has strong expertise in setting up Testing Centers of Excellence around Test management, Automation, Mobility, SOA and Functional testing. He has been the key champion in setting up several niche skill practices for testing services. He has been a keynote speaker in several conferences and has published several whitepapers


Speaker Profile 2: ROBERT WARAKOMSKI, Quality Engineering Leader at Subway

Robert Warakomski is a Quality Engineering Senior Manager at Subway, with almost 30 years of professional IT experience. He spent most of his career in software development, most recently as lead developer for, before moving to the Quality Engineering department as senior manager. Robert is responsible for all aspects of quality across several software projects, managing both internal and external teams, and improving the efficiency of all quality processes.

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