Shift Left or Squish Right: Getting Time to Test

Shift Left or Squish Right: Getting Time to Test


James Bach – CEO and Principal Consultant – Satisfice, Inc., A pioneer of Rapid, Exploratory, and Agile Testing.
Kalyana Rao Konda – President, North America at Cigniti Technologies


Shift Left testing recommends reversing the testing approach and involving system/software testing earlier in the lifecycle. Practically, it means moving the testing approach on the left end on the project timeline.

However, “programmers generally won’t stop coding to spend days developing and performing deep testing. What they mean by “testing” is relatively simple output checking. Deep testing may never happen in a shift-left regime, which then forces that work to the right — into the world of production and users. I call that “squish left and right,” which means that there is pressure not to allow testers to perform a competent test process. How do we resist this pressure? How do we sell testing?”, asks James Bach.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to pitch Testing and its timing to key stakeholders.
  • The impact of testing at various stages of a digital transformation.
  • Your customers/users and the brand from technical issues.

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