Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with Digital Assurance QA

Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with Digital Assurance QA


Enterprises are undergoing a rapid Digital transformation journey as digitization has become a mandate today as opposed to just being an innovative trend. Based on Industry estimates, spending on “Digital transformation” initiatives will increase to 40% to 50% of the overall IT budget by 2020. CXOs need to deliver on these initiatives in a high speed, iterative, and continuous manner while delivering quality @ speed.

Delivering with high quality @ speed in digital transformation initiatives requires a completely new way of approaching testing because of the trending development approaches (Agile, DevOps), Technologies (Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics & IoT) & Tools (Significant open source seamlessly coupled with commercial).

Digital Assurance QA calls for the need for a new testing role titled “Digital Test Engineer”. To assure high quality customer experience in digital era, along with traditional types of tests, Digital Test Engineer is required to perform tests like, Social Media Web Services integration tests, Omni Channel testing, A/B testing with multiple variants, High volume & high velocity data tests, Customer Sentiment analysis & experience testing, Devices/sensors/Wearables testing, Big Data testing (Capture, Ingestion, processing & visualization), Responsive Web Design testing (Browsers, wearables, tablets, mobiles etc..), Machine to Machine testing and testing in production.

In this webinar, the presenter, Sai Chintala, Senior Vice President, Global Pre-Sales has addressed all of the above topics and more, such as:

  • How Digital assurance is different from traditional QA
  • Test case automation to Life cycle automation
  • Descriptive metrics to Predictive and prescriptive metrics
  • Effectively combining Shift-Left and Shift-Right testing approaches to enable continuous testing


Sai Chintala
Senior Vice President

Sai Chintala is Senior Vice President, Global Pre-Sales and brings more than 21 years of rich technical and business experience on board. He has worked extensively in North America and India. He has dealt in detail with Global Enterprises, Fortune companies, and ISVs across technologies and domains. He is responsible for overall business growth from existing and new customers. In addition, he also runs the solution development team. As an accomplished, recognized thought leader in the testing space, Sai works very closely with delivery & sales teams.

Earlier, Sai was an integral part of AppLabs (now a CSC company) executive leadership teams. He has seen AppLabs grow to become a 2500 head count world leader in testing space with a modest beginning of 20 people at the time of his joining. Spending close to a decade at AppLabs, Sai was instrumental in providing leadership to the Global Solutions Engineering Group. He drove new business development efforts by strongly leveraging AppLabs IP and its innovative solution approach. He also lead the delivery teams providing business rich testing services for customers across verticals such as Transportation, Media, Entertainment, Retail, Technology, E-Learning, and Energy. An authority in multiple areas of Software Testing, he drove centers of excellence in Performance & Security Testing, Test Automation, Device / Hardware Certification, Mobile, and ERP Testing Services.

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