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The world is continuously changing and evolving. Technology is at the heart of almost every business, and organizations need help to keep up with the pace of change. We are all familiar with digital transformation, but what does it mean? How can you use continuous testing to accelerate your digital transformation efforts?

This post will help you understand how software testing helps achieve digital transformation and how the Cigniti – LambdaTest partnership can help you propel your digital transformation journey.

Why Digital Transformation?

There are several reasons why you should consider digital transformation. First, organizations need to remain competitive in today’s fast-paced business world. Digital transformation enables your organization to improve customer experience, reduce costs, and increase revenue by providing more personalized products and services based on what customers want or need at any given time.

Digital transformation also helps improve employee satisfaction because they have access to tools that enable them to do their jobs better while reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks (which means less stress!).

How Testing Helps you Achieve Digital Transformation

Testing is a continuous process that doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple things you can do right now to get started on this journey toward digital transformation!

You can use testing to

  • Understand the value of your software
  • To understand the impact of your software
  • Understand the quality of your software
  • Identify risks and opportunities in security, compliance, and performance that may otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late.

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is testing software throughout the entire software development lifecycle. It’s not a new concept. Continuous integration (CI) has been around since the early 2000s. But over time, CI has evolved into more than automating builds and deployments. It’s now an essential part of an organization’s DevOps strategy.

Testing tools can automate continuous testing by providing feedback on how well individual components function within an application stack or system and overall business performance metrics like customer satisfaction scores or conversion rates.

How are Organizations Moving Towards Continuous Testing?

Organizations that have successfully adopted continuous testing have done so because they have the right culture. It’s not just a tool but rather an approach driven by a need to deliver software faster and better.

For your organization to adopt continuous testing, you must establish a culture of learning and experimentation. Encourage everyone on your team – developers, QA engineers, product managers, and all – to share ideas on improving processes or automating more work. A successful CTO will be able to create this kind of environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas without fear of being judged as “not good enough” or “not creative enough.”

Continuous testing is about getting more value from the software you create, not just when it’s released but throughout its lifecycle. It’s about ensuring that your software is fit for purpose and works smoothly.

How Cigniti – LambdaTest Partnership can help you?

Cigniti has partnered with LambdaTest to offer clients an omnichannel digital experience testing cloud. Leveraging LambdaTest’s HyperExecute, a first-of-its-kind lightning-fast smart end-to-end test execution and orchestration platform, and Cigniti’s cutting-edge iNSta and Velocita’s native integration, customers can seamlessly run end-to-end automation tests at blazing-fast speeds enabling faster time-to-market for customers across industries and geographies.

LambdaTest Continuous Testing Cloud  Allows enterprises to rapidly test and deploy changes to their web and mobile applications up to 70% faster, which helps accelerate the development process and improve time-to-market. At the core of the continuous testing cloud is LambdaTest’s HyperExecute, whose intelligent workflows like auto-grouping, auto-retry, and fail-fast mechanisms take away all the pain of running tests and allows developers/testers to focus on crafting test cases. HyperExecute is up to 70% faster than any legacy cloud-based test execution platform and is framework/language-agnostic.

LambdaTest Cross-Browser Testing Cloud  Allows users to test their websites and web applications on multiple browsers, operating systems, and devices. Features like real-time testing, responsive design testing, and debugging tools enable developers to ensure that their websites and web apps are compatible with different browsers, providing a seamless user experience.

LambdaTest Real Device Cloud - Catch bugs before your mobile apps go live. Test your apps’ unhandled errors, UI/UX, performance, and functionality before they get released into production. Test on the broadest range of mobile and OTT devices (iOS, Android, iPad, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV & Apple TV) seamlessly!

LambdaTest’s AI-Powered Visual Regression Cloud  Ensuring consistent layouts, designs, and functionality of applications is crucial for delivering a visually-perfect digital experience. LambdaTest’s Visual Regression Cloud ensures that your web applications’ visual appearance and functionality remain consistent and error-free, ultimately improving the digital experience and business performance. Get early insights on visual UI bugs before you release your applications to your customer. Run automated visual regression tests on 3000+ combinations of browsers & real devices to identify visual deviations.

LambdaTest’s AI-Powered Integrated Test Intelligence – Test execution insights are critical for digital transformation as they provide enterprises with deeper insight into the quality of releases and trends. Analyzing the test execution data, LambdaTest’s Integrated Test Intelligence provides insights into patterns and trends that lead to making informed decisions about future development and improving application quality. Empower your team with detailed and actionable test execution data and close the gap between data, insight, and action for better and faster decision-making.

Cigniti’s iNSta: iNSta is a self-healing, low code/no code AI-powered scriptless test automation platform that lowers the barriers to generating test automation assets at scale.

Cigniti’s Velocita: Velocita is a test automation accelerator that helps deliver automation, web services, and performance test accelerators for desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Organizations can choose their deployment mode – Public cloud, dedicated cloud resource/single-tenant, and on-premise, that is, on your local cloud infrastructure or server. This helps avoid the hassles of maintaining and updating your infrastructure!


Continuous testing helps you get value from your software throughout its lifecycle, release code frequently, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Need help? Read more about Cigniti – LambdaTest Partnership to learn how it can accelerate your digital transformation efforts.

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