Testing Banking & Financial Applications

Testing Banking & Financial Applications

Testing Banking & Financial Applications


In this webinar, Sachin Srivastava, Director Delivery, Gallop Solutions have shared some thought provoking insights including best practices, strategies and key testing areas while dealing with testing banking and financial applications

This webinar discusses about:

  • How can we benefit from the latest test strategies that are being laid out for the next world?
  • Testing ATM to the new age NFC, mobile wallets and many more
  • Ways and means to help the industry to achieve most of their BFSI testing
  • Right set of knowledge and tools to tackle the next generation hurdles
  • Best practices and strategies while dealing with the specifics of the Banking and Financial industry projects


Sachin Srivastava

Sachin is an avid learner and contributor to the testing society with 12+ years of experience in testing of BFSI applications. Sachin has been training various teams on banking, trading and insurance related projects, testing and conducting webinars on the latest trends in this sector. With the rich experience of domain and technology, he understands the typical challenges faced and possible solutions. He initiated the concept of having a domain COE within the organization and has managed to scale it to a 300+ member group from a handful of people.

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