Accelerating Your Microservices Testing with DevOps


Accelerating Your Microservices Testing with DevOps


Temil Sanchez – Solutions Engineering Team Lead at SmartBear Software Inc.
Chakri Devarakonda – Asst. Vice President, Enterprise Solutions Group at Cigniti Technologies Inc.


Organizations across the globe are being forced to evaluate scalable strategies for fast and easy API development, deployment, and consumption, as their customer worldwide continue to increase their adoption of applications on multiple platforms.

Microservices based service architectures help to eliminate complexity, effectively breaking the monolith and enabling organizations to scale their efforts, yet this frequently coincides with the problem of slower deployment.

Key Takeaways:

In this webinar, we will discuss how adoption of microservices and DevOps practices can help you achieve your goal of faster development and delivery of high quality, strong performing APIs. We’ll also cover:

  • Examples of microservices architecture
  • Leveraging DevOps for microservices implementation and delivery
  • Strategies to test microservices in an automated environment
  • Overview of tools and services for automated API testing
  • Demo of API testing tools

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