Author - Pratyasha Mustafi


Quality Engineering in a SAFe World

Jermaine Oldham, Sr. Director, DevOps, SDLC, & Enterprise Quality Engineering at J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.
Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies

Rather than thinking “I wrote good code”, organizations need to challenge themselves on “How do I know I wrote good code?”
Agile & DevOps are flexible and responsive methodologies that have rules contrary to the traditional mode of testing. Underpinned on the basic principles of Agile Manifesto, a SAFe has built-in quality as one of its four core principles – bringing Quality Engineering into focus. As the users’ demands for faster time to market increases, the need emerges to shift from assuring quality, to shifting left & engineering quality from the beginning. To accelerate software delivery & improve quality, enterprises need to focus on creating a culture of quality based upon Agile & DevOps best practices. In addition, enterprises also need to focus on breaking down cross organizational team silos to accelerate Quality & Speed via Continual Feedback promoting a quality culture driven by continuous delivery & continuous testing. DevOps helps organizations increase accountability for coding best practices, drive predictable production outcomes, and streamline software delivery via automation. SAFe focuses on bringing lean and agile practices into picture to align the traditional processes with the business goals to manage complex architecture and processes with ease and at speed.

Key Takeaways:
Listen to, and learn from Jermaine Oldham and Pradeep Govindasamy, experienced veterans in the industry how to:
Accelerate software delivery & improve quality
Break down cross organizational team silos to accelerate quality & speed via continual feedback
Promote a quality culture driven by continuous delivery & continuous testing

  • Understand How to manage complex architecture and processes with ease and at speed
  • Discover The rewards of implementing Quality Engineering in a SAFe World
  • Learn How continuous testing and continuous delivery facilitate Quality & better ROI
  • Know How to build a culture of quality based on Agile & DevOps best practices

Testing Transformation: Integrating Automated Testing Into DevOps & Agile

Integrating Automated Testing Into DevOps and Agile

Speaker: Vibhu Taneja, Director - Head of Transformation, Quality Engineering & Environments at Deutsche Bank

Automation facilitates the ‘test early, test often, test everywhere’ strategy in DevOps & Agile enterprises
Transformation of SDLCs without the transformation of testing approach is just a futile attempt at optimization. Testing used to be an afterthought, a last-minute protocol in legacy SDLCs. Agile and DevOps put testing on forefront, bringing in the ‘shift-left’ mindset. But manual testing takes away the essence of these modern methodologies, thus, making testing an inhibitor rather than a facilitator in delivering quality products at speed. Automated testing upholds efficiency of Agile sprints and empower collaboration in DevOps teams. As enterprises are now adopting an ‘Agile+DevOps’ approach for software development, automated testing becomes the key to a successful and timely deployment. Register for the webinar and join the discussion with Vibhu Taneja and Nanda Padmaraju.

Key Takeaways:
Manual testing is not feasible for a continuous testing strategy. To test everywhere and to test efficiently, automated testing is required in DevOps & Agile enterprises.
With extensive experience in handling complex transformational multi-year programs and business critical transformation projects, Vibhu Taneja and Nanda Padmaraju will help you understand, discover, know, and learn how to integrate test automation into Agile & DevOps.

  • Understand why you should get rid of your traditional testing ways
  • Discover the rewards of bringing automation into the picture
  • Learn how automated testing facilitates business growth
  • Know the ways to integrate automation with your existing approach