Migrating to LeanFT – Know your Switching Costs Challenges and Options

Migrating to LeanFT – Know your Switching Costs Challenges and Options


With Agile and DevOps practices at the forefront, it demands a constant shift-left/right approach in the software development life cycle. With this in mind, HP has announced a new testing solution named as LeanFT, specifically built for continuous testing and continuous integration. HP Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) is a powerful and lightweight tool that is perfect for Developers/Testers /automation engineers who practice Agile and DevOps.

This webinar will deep dive on the drivers for migrating to LeanFT, challenges that you would encounter when implementing this transformation from people, process and technology standpoint in the context of your current organization. It will also finally decipher the secret sauce to take a systematic approach to drive transformation (re-engineer process, people and technology) on your current automation initiative.

In this Webinar, we will explore:

  • The concept of shift left/right with HP LeanFT & its core features
  • The differences between Unified Functional Testing and Lean Functional Testing
  • How to convert your HP UFT scripts to LeanFT using QuickLean


Rajesh Sarangapani
AVP Delivery, Gallop

Rajesh leads the Technology CoE at Gallop and has been instrumental over the last 17 years in helping clients implement processes that helped them build application performance by design rather than as afterthought. He holds couple of patents to his name in the testing space.

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