Quality Engineering in DevOps World - A Strategic Enabler

Quality Engineering in DevOps World – A Strategic Enabler

Chandra is the Senior Director of Carefirst and is an accomplished IT leader with over 16+ years of experience in Healthcare, Financial Services/Banking, and Mortgage industries with a strong focus on IT Transformation, Digital Enablement, Cost and Operational Efficiencies, Cloud Migration, Strategic Sourcing, Global IT Delivery Model, Account expansions, and large-scale end-end Portfolio/Program management. Strong entrepreneurship skills to identify opportunities for IT innovation, Agile/DevOps, Automation/RPA projects and expertise in cloud model services offerings.

Pradeep Govindasamy, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies, will be presenting Quality Engineering scenarios across the DevTestOps IT lifecycle that include BDD, Release Automation, Environment, Data, Virtualization, Build, and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery.

Join the webinar - "Quality Engineering in DevOps World - A Strategic Enabler" - to understand:

  • The multiple Quality Engineering scenarios across the DevTestOps IT lifecycle
  • The benefits of implementing Quality Engineering in the DevOps World
  • How Quality Engineering ensures the outcomes of DevOps results in market leadership

Leverage Quality Engineering to Achieve Secure Digital Payments

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It is estimated that, the total payments conducted via digital payment instruments will be USD 4 trillion globally and USD 500 billion in India by 2020.
- BCG-Google Digital Payments 2020 Report

The global payments landscape indeed is evolving at a rapid pace. Advent of smart phones, multiple other modes of simple, easy to use one touch digital payment modes, and entry of several non-banking institutions offering payment services and solutions has made digital payments a breeze. In fact, today, we have payment services, solution apps from Banking firms, Telco firms, Prepaid/Wallet companies, Ecomm vendors and specialized payment banks all competing in the same market.

Given the widespread choice of payment apps, customers will now be demanding for superior user experience, seamless interface, and secure access. The success of Digital Payments applications will be governed by Security, Data Integrity & Validation, User Experience, Intuitive Interface & Functionality, and Performance of the applications. As a result, software testing has emerged as the core strategy to ensure that digital payments take place without a glitch and ensure that financial transactions are secure.


SAI CHINTALA, President – Enterprise Solutions at Cigniti Technologies

Sai Chintala is Cigniti's President- Global Pre-Sales. He brings more than 25 years of rich technical and business experience. He has worked extensively in North America and India. He has dealt in detail with Global Enterprises, Fortune companies and ISVs across technologies and domains. At Cigniti he is responsible for overall business growth from existing and new customers. In addition, he also runs Cigniti’s solution development team. As an accomplished, recognized thought leader in the testing space, he works very closely with Cigniti’s delivery & sales teams. Under Sai’s leadership Cigniti’s Solution Engineering Teams constantly work to offer best in class solutions that enables quality engineering for digital enterprises.
Sai has a Masters degree in Computer Science from Lamar University in Texas and Bachelors in Engineering from JNTU, Hyderabad.

RAGHURAM KROVVIDY, VP – Global Delivery at Cigniti Technologies

Raghuram Krovvidy is Vice President, Global Delivery at Cigniti Technologies. In this role, he manages Global Delivery on a day to day basis across all GEOs and verticals for Cigniti. He is a seasoned leader with 19+ years of experience where he has worked and led large testing practices at Accenture, AppLabs, IRIS Digital & NIIT. He has held different leadership positions in areas of Test Program/Project Management, Test Innovation & Transformations, Test Strategy & Assessments. He has rich experience in setting up testing teams, building test leadership and managing global testing practices. Raghu has a bachelor’s degree in Electronics from Osmania University and is an active & influential speaker in different Testing Conferences, including STC, TestWest.

How QA & Digital Transformation are Changing Organizations

About Webinar

Digital innovators are effectively leveraging digital technologies to disrupt the way businesses function across industries. Customer centric products enable faster, more convenient and more fun usage, thereby increasing customer engagement. All of this translates to riding the digital wave for any given business to reach a good amount of market penetration.

Quality Assurance (QA) enters the fray by assuring business leaders around the world that their business is secured and the quality maintained is to near-perfection. QA engineers, with the help of DevOps, are striving to make a difference early on the application development lifecycle, thereby bringing in the need to test and certify a product right from the early stages itself. Businesses are beginning to test every aspect of their digital presence in order to ensure that their brand image and service offerings remain consistently qualitative.

In this webinar, the presenters, Pradeep G, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies, and Robert Warakomski, Quality Engineering Senior Manager at Subway addressed all of the above topics and more, such as:

  1. The importance of effectively merging Shift-Left and Shift-Right testing approaches in order to enable continuous integration
  2. How predictive analysis, wearable devices and artificial intelligence are radically transforming businesses?
  3. The impact of major retailers across the globe, as well as insights to travel and hospitality industry
  4. How Digital assurance is different from traditional QA?


Speaker Profile 1: PRADEEP G, CTO & President at Cigniti Technologies

Pradeep G is the Chief Technology Officer at Cigniti Technologies. Pradeep is an industry thought leader in software testing, with over 15 years of experience. He has strong expertise in setting up Testing Centers of Excellence around Test management, Automation, Mobility, SOA and Functional testing. He has been the key champion in setting up several niche skill practices for testing services. He has been a keynote speaker in several conferences and has published several whitepapers


Speaker Profile 2: ROBERT WARAKOMSKI, Quality Engineering Leader at Subway

Robert Warakomski is a Quality Engineering Senior Manager at Subway, with almost 30 years of professional IT experience. He spent most of his career in software development, most recently as lead developer for Subway.com, before moving to the Quality Engineering department as senior manager. Robert is responsible for all aspects of quality across several software projects, managing both internal and external teams, and improving the efficiency of all quality processes.


10 Emerging Trends in Software Testing


Software testing industry is experiencing transformation to align with the rapidly changing technologies (SMAC & IOT), development methodologies (Agile, DevOps) & tools (Significantly open source coupled with low cost commercial tools). This session will showcase insights and trends observed in the software testing space based on individual experiences, leading analyst reports, empirical findings and observations from independent testing services provider perspective. Emphasis will be on top 10 testing trends that every testing organization and testing practitioner should watch out and align to stay ahead.

In this session, Kalyan will focus on:

  • Emergence of SDET role & why it will become “a new normal” by 2020
  • Market share and ever growing interest in Open source test tools and why they will rule the future?
  • Is TCoE approach still relevant in the context of raise in Agile/DevOps?
  • Why new test approaches are required to deliver “Quality at high speed”?
  • Digital is disrupting every industry. What it means for Testing?
  • Important considerations in Big Data testing
  • In the Era of connected devices (IOT), what it means to testing?
  • Why do we need to move to “Quality Engineering” from “Quality Assurance” in DevOps ?
  • Business case for “Autonomous Test automation architectures”
  • Qualities of a modern day tester



Kalyana Rao Konda

Kalyana Rao Konda is the President & Global Head of Gallop Solutions Inc., a Philadelphia based software testing services company which helps businesses maximize returns on investments in their software quality initiatives. With nearly two decades of experience in IT Services, particularly testing, Kalyan led large QA teams of 2000+ people at AppLabs as VP- Global Delivery and had been in QA leadership roles with Virtusa & BaaN earlier. He has a rare mix of high technical understanding with a pragmatic approach to testing services delivery.

He has a patent pending with USPTO for ‘iGenerate test Scenario’ and ‘Web Services Validator’ filed last year. He was a speaker at many international testing conferences and the recent ones include DevOps East, Star East etc.. Kalyan also received the prestigious 40 Under 40 Award 2016 from Philadelphia Business Journal this month and has been awarded with Philadelphia Cornerstone CEO awards as well.

Webinar on Migrate2Selenium

Webinar on Migrate2Selenium


Adopting Agile and DevOps practices have become imperative in order to support organizational goals both in terms of reducing time to market and for improving product Quality. One of the key levers for reducing time for test cycles is by developing a robust test automation suite that can help you continuously validate the quality of the application being delivered to production.

Selenium has been a popular automation tool of choice by leading Enterprises specially those who have embarked on the Agile / Devops journey. Enterprises that are currently undergoing the transformation journey are often compelled to write off their current automation investments due to the change in the choice of automation tools.

In this unique webinar, Gallop is pleased to evangelize one-of-a-kind test automation solution that can help you seamlessly migrate your current test automation scripts of commercial tools - for example, HP UFT, Test Complete, Silk Test, and all the other popular ones - to the Selenium test suite. This will help you retain, and enhance the value of your current investments.

This webinar will provide detailed insight into drivers for migrating to Selenium, challenges that you are likely to encounter when embarking on the transformation journey, and shall also provide you a systematic approach to drive transformation.


Speaker Profiles

Rajesh Sarangapani,
Asst. Vice President

Rajesh Sarangapani is Asst. Vice President, Global delivery and heads the Technology CoEs at Gallop Solutions. Over the last 17 years, Rajesh has been instrumental in helping clients implement processes that helped them build application performance by design rather than as an afterthought. He holds couple of patents to his name in the testing space and is a prominent speaker in various conferences, events and webinars on Software testing. Prior to joining Gallop, Rajesh has worked with reputed organizations like Accenture, AppLabs, Virtusa, Baan & others. He holds a Master’s degree in Applied Electronics from PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

Sneak Peek into Selenium 3.0

Sneak Peek into Selenium 3.0


At a 2013 conference session, Simon Stewart, the Selenium project lead and inventor of WebDriver, announced that Selenium 3.0, a widely used tool for user-focused automation of mobile and web apps, would be released by Christmas. Three years after that announcement, Selenium 3.0 still hasn't been released, but this month we got more information about Selenium 3.0 and a more likely release time frame. On 25th May 2016, in a webinar, Stewart did reveal further details about Selenium 3.0. The webinar only had room for 1,000 participants, but the registration list was well over 10,000.

We at Gallop Solutions, Silver Sponsors of Selenium project, bring you the highlights of the announcement and provide insights into roadmap of Selenium project in our webinar.

In this webinar we covered:

  • Big changes regarding old Selenium core libraries and focus on Webdriver API
  • Impact or changes to WebDriver API of Selenium 2.0
  • Changes in the Selenium Java APIs
  • Advantages of having W3C WebDriver specifications
  • Increasing importance of browser vendors
  • Roadmap of Selenium

This webinar is based on things we have known from our direct references and information obtained in SeleniumHQ webinars. Folks attending the webinar would gain insights on Selenium 3.0 & what changes are needed to be done to the existing Selenium suites to make them 3.0 ready. We will also cover a peek view into the Selenium roadmap beyond 3.0, that is, 4.0 and 5.0. View the webinar recording below.


Soujanya Jaggu
Senior Architect at Gallop

Soujanya has over 14 years of experience in Quality Assurance Engineering and is an expert with diverse automation solutions such as SilkTest, WinRunner, QTP, Selenium using Java, FlexMonkium, FlexMonkey, Selenium-flex-ui, Native Driver, Eclipse TPTP, Twist, Calabash cucumber (for iOS), Calabash android, NodeJS tools protractor and nightwatchJS.

She leads the automation practice at Gallop. Her command over build tools such as ANT and Maven to build the automation suites and execution flow, Test Frameworks like TestNG to build the configuration files for automation & Selenium Grid to implement parallel execution of automation suites is exemplary.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Journey with Digital Assurance QA


Enterprises are undergoing a rapid Digital transformation journey as digitization has become a mandate today as opposed to just being an innovative trend. Based on Industry estimates, spending on “Digital transformation” initiatives will increase to 40% to 50% of the overall IT budget by 2020. CXOs need to deliver on these initiatives in a high speed, iterative, and continuous manner while delivering quality @ speed.

Delivering with high quality @ speed in digital transformation initiatives requires a completely new way of approaching testing because of the trending development approaches (Agile, DevOps), Technologies (Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics & IoT) & Tools (Significant open source seamlessly coupled with commercial).

Digital Assurance QA calls for the need for a new testing role titled “Digital Test Engineer”. To assure high quality customer experience in digital era, along with traditional types of tests, Digital Test Engineer is required to perform tests like, Social Media Web Services integration tests, Omni Channel testing, A/B testing with multiple variants, High volume & high velocity data tests, Customer Sentiment analysis & experience testing, Devices/sensors/Wearables testing, Big Data testing (Capture, Ingestion, processing & visualization), Responsive Web Design testing (Browsers, wearables, tablets, mobiles etc..), Machine to Machine testing and testing in production.

In this webinar, the presenter, Sai Chintala, Senior Vice President, Global Pre-Sales has addressed all of the above topics and more, such as:

  • How Digital assurance is different from traditional QA
  • Test case automation to Life cycle automation
  • Descriptive metrics to Predictive and prescriptive metrics
  • Effectively combining Shift-Left and Shift-Right testing approaches to enable continuous testing


Sai Chintala
Senior Vice President

Sai Chintala is Senior Vice President, Global Pre-Sales and brings more than 21 years of rich technical and business experience on board. He has worked extensively in North America and India. He has dealt in detail with Global Enterprises, Fortune companies, and ISVs across technologies and domains. He is responsible for overall business growth from existing and new customers. In addition, he also runs the solution development team. As an accomplished, recognized thought leader in the testing space, Sai works very closely with delivery & sales teams.

Earlier, Sai was an integral part of AppLabs (now a CSC company) executive leadership teams. He has seen AppLabs grow to become a 2500 head count world leader in testing space with a modest beginning of 20 people at the time of his joining. Spending close to a decade at AppLabs, Sai was instrumental in providing leadership to the Global Solutions Engineering Group. He drove new business development efforts by strongly leveraging AppLabs IP and its innovative solution approach. He also lead the delivery teams providing business rich testing services for customers across verticals such as Transportation, Media, Entertainment, Retail, Technology, E-Learning, and Energy. An authority in multiple areas of Software Testing, he drove centers of excellence in Performance & Security Testing, Test Automation, Device / Hardware Certification, Mobile, and ERP Testing Services.

Testing Banking & Financial Applications

Testing Banking & Financial Applications


In this webinar, Sachin Srivastava, Director Delivery, Gallop Solutions have shared some thought provoking insights including best practices, strategies and key testing areas while dealing with testing banking and financial applications

This webinar discusses about:

  • How can we benefit from the latest test strategies that are being laid out for the next world?
  • Testing ATM to the new age NFC, mobile wallets and many more
  • Ways and means to help the industry to achieve most of their BFSI testing
  • Right set of knowledge and tools to tackle the next generation hurdles
  • Best practices and strategies while dealing with the specifics of the Banking and Financial industry projects


Sachin Srivastava

Sachin is an avid learner and contributor to the testing society with 12+ years of experience in testing of BFSI applications. Sachin has been training various teams on banking, trading and insurance related projects, testing and conducting webinars on the latest trends in this sector. With the rich experience of domain and technology, he understands the typical challenges faced and possible solutions. He initiated the concept of having a domain COE within the organization and has managed to scale it to a 300+ member group from a handful of people.

Mobile Automation: Learn How to Shift Left, Don’t be Left Out

Mobile Automation: Learn How to Shift Left, Don’t be Left Out


In this webinar, Tom ben Shimon, Head of Sales, Experitest and Rajesh Sarangapani, AVP ¬ Global Delivery¸ Gallop Solutions have shared some thought provoking insights for developing mobile apps that are easy to automate and also the best practices for shifting left in the arena of Mobile Automation.

This webinar discusses about:

  • How the technology you choose to develop your app makes it easier to automate your mobile testing.
  • What are the best practices to shift left?
  • What are the other considerations you should take and which you should avoid?
  • Case study: Mobile automation project with a world wide leader in hospitality industry


Rajesh Sarangapani
AVP - Global Delivery, Gallop

Rajesh leads the Technology CoE at Gallop and has been instrumental over the last 17 years in helping clients implement processes that helped them build application performance by design rather than as afterthought. He holds couple of patents to his name in the testing space.

Tom ben Shimon
Head of sales at Experitest

Tom ben Shimon is the head of sales at Experitest, a world’s leading provider of quality assurance tools for mobile DevOps, including manual testing, performance testing, load testing and monitoring for mobile applications.


Webinar on Compelling Benefits of Specialist QA Staffing VS IT Staffing


In this webinar, Andrew Braswell, Senior Research Analyst at a leading Staffing Analyst firm, Staffing Industry Analysts, shared insights on the evolving IT and QA staffing landscape in North America.

Co-speaker, Greg Longaker, National Sales Manager at Gallop Solutions, shared experiences of clients working with specialized QA Staffing organizations and subsequently, the impact of working with specialized QA Staffing partners on the resource quality and project delivery timelines.

This webinar covered:

  • Facts, Figures and Trends in North American IT & QA Staffing industry
  • Changing dynamics and increasing complexities of the Quality Assurance domain
  • Difference between Generalist IT Staffing & Specialized QA Staffing
  • Latest models, concepts related to QA Staffing


Andrew Braswell
Senior Research Analyst, SIA

Andrew Braswell is a Senior Research Analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA), covering the IT segment of temporary staffing, along with merger and acquisition activity related to the Affordable Care Act. Prior to SIA, spent more than 8 years in equity investment research and was the Director of Research for a boutique investment banking & advisory firm. He has been a featured speaker for many conferences, presentations and media interviews, including CNBC’s Squawk Box.

Greg Longaker
National Sales Manager, Gallop Solutions

Greg Longaker is the National Sales Manager and is responsible for Gallop’s core staffing business. Greg has over 17 years of staffing industry experience as he has worked in a variety of staffing disciplines ranging from healthcare through engineering and for the better part of his career in IT. Greg spent 12 years with Yoh Company with increasing responsibility up to the Area Director.

API Readiness – Gallop and SmartBear Joint Webinar

API Readiness – Cigniti and SmartBear Joint Webinar


Delivering quality software with drastically reduced product development times has never been as challenging as it is today. This puts tremendous pressure on development and test teams. Traditionally IT teams mitigated by compromising on non-functional quality aspects during their first few releases. This approach though was not ideal still allowed IT teams to operate with minimal risks.

However, with the rise of disruptive technologies (via SOA principles) and adoption of digital technologies in the systems of engagement, quality issues today get amplified in the social media resulting in loss of brand credibility and trust. For early risk mitigation, IT teams need pragmatic processes, tools and techniques to support them deliver higher quality.

This Webinar will help IT teams:

  • Increase awareness to the API Testing
  • Understand challenges faced during the application journey
  • Learn proven solutions that can be adopted to be API Ready


Rajesh Sarangapani
AVP Delivery, Cigniti Technologies

Rajesh leads the Technology CoE at Cigniti and has been instrumental over the last 17 years in helping clients implement processes that helped them build application performance by design rather than as afterthought. He holds couple of patents to his name in the testing space.

Michael Giller
API Team Leader, SmartBear

Michael Giller is a technical sales engineer for SmartBear Software. He specializes in all things API and SoapUI related, focusing his writing on ranting about quality in the software development process, how different types of people involved in Software development can coexist.

Mobile App Testing in Agile Environment

Mobile App Testing in Agile Environment


With the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, customers are increasingly connected and have access to abundant information. In order to improve customer engagement and loyalty, enterprises are rapidly building personalized mobile apps across platforms. Testing mobile applications has become unavoidable to make sure effective functionality and performance.

This Joint Gallop and Xamarin Webinar on Mobile App Testing in an Agile Environment helps understand the essentials of Mobile App Testing that ensure apps function and perform seamlessly on every device, delighting customers.

In this Webinar you will learn how to:

  • Influence of UI / UX design on functional performance of mobile apps
  • Effective management of short release cycles while incorporating customer feedback
  • Different OS versions / platforms that offer maximum functionalities
  • An overview of Gallop’s hassle-free automated testing services utilizing Xamarin Test Cloud


Ananth Vinnakota
Mobile Test CoE Lead, Gallop

A management graduate from California State University, Ananth is an expert strategist in both business and business technology road maps. With mastery in vertical and horizontal cross platform mobile technologies and solutions, he is a business incubation specialist in mobile products integrated with cloud and big data.

Spencer Montgomery
Partner Manager, Xamarin

Spencer has been with Xamarin for over a year now. Apart from being responsible for maintaining a wide range of consulting partners, he is also the technical lead for Xamarin Test Cloud and has specifically been assigned to customers throughout the Americas and APAC Regions.

Migrating to LeanFT – Know your Switching Costs Challenges and Options


With Agile and DevOps practices at the forefront, it demands a constant shift-left/right approach in the software development life cycle. With this in mind, HP has announced a new testing solution named as LeanFT, specifically built for continuous testing and continuous integration. HP Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT) is a powerful and lightweight tool that is perfect for Developers/Testers /automation engineers who practice Agile and DevOps.

This webinar will deep dive on the drivers for migrating to LeanFT, challenges that you would encounter when implementing this transformation from people, process and technology standpoint in the context of your current organization. It will also finally decipher the secret sauce to take a systematic approach to drive transformation (re-engineer process, people and technology) on your current automation initiative.

In this Webinar, we will explore:

  • The concept of shift left/right with HP LeanFT & its core features
  • The differences between Unified Functional Testing and Lean Functional Testing
  • How to convert your HP UFT scripts to LeanFT using QuickLean


Rajesh Sarangapani
AVP Delivery, Gallop

Rajesh leads the Technology CoE at Gallop and has been instrumental over the last 17 years in helping clients implement processes that helped them build application performance by design rather than as afterthought. He holds couple of patents to his name in the testing space.


Webinar on Business Transformation using Test Advisory Services


Today, in the 'age of customer', businesses are increasingly challenged to become digital and be available everywhere and every time. This puts a huge demand on their IT function and thereby on its entire value chain and especially on its Testing function which is crucial to the overall success of the product. To thrive in these markets, organizations have to transform from traditional ways of working to new age models of delivering high performance outcomes. While Business Transformation is the key to meeting the market demands and also to assure a higher ROI, the journey of transformation is fraught with many risks, which if not handled well may de-rail the entire program and its efforts.

Having helped many clients in their transformational journeys, we at Gallop have designed a robust framework that can help in addressing the challenges and risks. Our framework is designed such that any transformation journey is first kicked off with a holistic assessment of the testing function to understand the key strengths and opportunities for improvements. We also provide a detailed set of practical recommendations along with a roadmap to achieve the business objectives.

This webinar throws light on some of the best practices and capabilities to understand how a transformation should be planned, designed and executed.

In this Webinar you will learn how to:

  • Operate with a consistent and focused testing approach
  • Have a predictable testing duration and cost
  • Reduce the time and money spent on resolving production defects
  • Have a quantitative approach for identifying release criteria


Sandhya Nagaraj
AVP-Consulting, Gallop

Sandhya Nagaraj is a dynamic and result oriented professional with nearly 18 years of proven success in Test Management Consulting including Test Maturity Assessments, Software Quality Assurance, Internal Audits and Knowledge management. Sandhya has led over 50 test organization assessments and TCoE consulting engagements across the globe.

Mobile Application Security Testing Right before Your Eyes

Mobile Application Security Testing Right before Your Eyes



Usage of smart mobile devices and applications therein has evolved in the past decade. Earlier, apps were mostly developed for gaming and multimedia. Now, the mobile app industry is more focused towards developing advanced apps with rich features that help users manage their finance, healthcare and alike on the move.

The increasing usage of mobile applications demands scrutinizing them for vulnerabilities and security; so that, hackers cannot gain access to confidential and sensitive data that the users store in their devices.

This webinar throws light on some of the best practices and capabilities to understand how a transformation should be planned, designed and executed.

This webinar covers unique security testing aspects for Android and iOS apps. You will learn how to:

  • Operate with a consistent and focused testing approach
  • Have a predictable testing duration and cost
  • Reduce the time and money spent on resolving production defects
  • Have a quantitative approach for identifying release criteria


Ketan Sirigiri
Security Testing Architect

Ketan Sirigiri, Security Testing Architect at Gallop Solutions, with his deep domain expertise in web / mobile application security testing and network penetration testing, has been efficiently helping our clients with security testing of their networks, cloud / mobile / web applications.

Continuous Integration Using Microsoft Tools Right before Your Eyes

Continuous Integration Using Microsoft Tools Right before Your Eyes


Development teams worldwide are adopting "agile" methodologies to manage change and to improve software quality. These methodologies promote continuous integration as a practice to build and test software products incrementally as new features are included, bugs are fixed, and code is refactored with much reduced build and release cycles.

This adoption of Continuous Integration (CI) attempts to assure quality while expediting the entire SDLC cycle and reducing the time to market. CI thus plays a key role in implementing auto code compilation, auto unit testing and auto build deployment process. Since QA is also an integral part of the whole SDLC, it has become obvious that the regression testing should also become part of CI.

The Gallop Webinar exclusively explores CI using Microsoft Test Tools:

  • When should you invest in CI
  • Ideal mix of Functional & Regression Testing as part of CI
  • Overall CI infrastructure & Microsoft Test Tool Suite
  • Test Tools available for Continuous Integration
  • How to implement Functional & Regression Testing as part of CI


Ravi Sindri is Director,Global Delivery, heading the technology CoEs at Gallop Solutions. He has over 13 years of experience in IT industry in Software development & Testing. Ravi is a prominent speaker in multiple global webinars, meetups and conferences on software testing. He provides guidance to Automation testing teams at Gallop on best practices around Test Automation. Prior to Gallop, Ravi worked with leading organizations such as Applabs & CSC. His core expertise lies in Information modeling, business analysis, development, testing, implementation & support of distributed client server & web based applications for diverse industries including BFSI, Education, Semiconductors, Digital Map Data, Aviation & Retail.