3 Reasons Why Independent Testers Bring greater ROI in Software Testing

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There is absolutely no questioning the fact that Software testing is an integral part of the software development process. Yes, there was a time when having a software testing team was considered a liability. And the result? A lot more effort and cost investment in the form of hot fixes and patch releases, below par products that invited a whole lot of unhappy customers and ill repute. So out went all that money that they hoped to save by bypassing the Software Testing process!

But let’s face it – Software Testing does cost a bit of money. That’s why, in this blog we are going to talk about the three little magic letters that makes all of it worthwhile – ROI. We’re going to check out if and how independent testers can be the abracadabra that’s going to bring the ROI pouring in. First …

In-House Testing Team vs. Independent Tester

An in-house testing team? An independent tester? Companies with in-house testing teams soon realize that these teams are prominently influenced by project managers and the development teams thus reducing their effectiveness. On the other hand, independent testers are able to carry out an effective and unbiased assessment of the code thus giving accurate feedback about the quality of the product.

This reality certainly tips the scales in favor of independent tester’s but is this reason good enough?

How software testing by independent testers can help you achieve greater ROI (Return on Investment)?

Here are just two of the many reasons why:

Cost Advantage:

Quality testing means specialized equipment, trained professionals, infrastructure and building and managing the testing process. A LOT of time and effort yes, but also whole lot of money on capital investment. On the other hand, if there’s an independent software testing company that focuses on quality testing with their own infrastructure all set up – what would you choose?  These companies have already invested in the tools, manpower and infrastructure needed for such a task and maintain it throughout the year, so this becomes a more convenient, feasible and definitely a less expensive option.

Time Advantage:

Timing is a crucial factor alright! The faster you are able to release your software in the market the longer its life cycle, the greater the ROI. An in-house testing team will have to wait till the last stages of the development process to prepare and assess the requirements of the testing and then plan the execution which translates into inevitable delays. With an independent tester though, you have readily available resources and all the right requirements in place to start immediate testing. Decreases the time needed for the testing process and accelerates the products life cycle in the market.

Apart from these very persuasive reasons, Independent testers bring a vast amount of experience and expertise on the table which ensures that your software is thoroughly tested and all bugs reported in time to accelerate needed action. So what you get is a quality product, customer satisfaction and positive marketing for the company.

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