5 Benefits of Cloud-based Software Test Automation Tools

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The worldwide cloud computing market is expected to grow at a 36% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching a market size of $19.5 billion by 2016. Given this rapid growth in cloud computing, can cloud based software test automation tools be far behind?

Cloud based test automation tools bring several benefits over and above those normally delivered by traditional test automation tools. Here are 5 top benefits:

  1. Cost Effective: Total Cost of Ownership in cloud based automation tools is very less compared to traditional test automation tools. Cloud based tools do not involve expensive per seat licensing costs and typically have less hardware requirements. This implies minimal capital expenditure and depreciation costs. Cloud based tools offer high reusability of test components. They are highly scalable which make them ideal for load and performance testing scenarios. Pay as you use offers the advantage of effortlessly scaling up and down the cloud usage as per your testing requirements.
  2. Benefits of Virtualization: Cloud based tools bring in the benefits of virtualization. They enable companies to make optimal use of their resources with the result that testing is more flexible and efficient. As applications become increasingly complex, virtualization brings in the benefit of resource sharing with reduced capital costs.
  3. More collaboration: Cloud based automation tools make it possible for teams spread across different locations to easily collaborate with each other. Testers can easily test from different locations and access test reports from anywhere in the world without the pain of uploading and downloading them.
  4. Testing is quicker: Automation tools, in general, offer advantages of high productivity and shorter test cycles. Cloud based automation tools bring the additional advantages of quick set up and tool deployment. Unlike traditional tools, they do not involve a lengthy set up and installation process. Testing can begin almost immediately from anywhere in the world. Software upgrades are seamless with minimal or no downtime. Faster testing reduces the time to market which gives companies a big competitive advantage.
  5. Reduced IT management effort: Cloud based tools cut down a lot of the IT management tasks inherent to traditional tools like installation, licensing, adding/replacing users, simultaneous implementation of upgrades in systems across geographies etc. With less IT management to do, employees can focus on core activities that can make a difference to a company’s business.

Cloud-delivered testing tools are rapidly becoming commonplace in performance and load testing. This provides the full value of pay as you use and much greater scaling capacity than traditional tools. In addition, the use of device clouds for testing applications on devices has driven broader adoption of cloud testing tools and is helping drive greater adoption for functional testing via the cloud.

(Source: Gartner IT Market Clock for Application Development, Sept 6, 2013)

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