5 Key Areas to Consider While Testing Smarter Commerce

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Internet and the social media have contributed a lot to keep everyone of us informed and become informative. So are the customers of today! They are updated, they have adequate knowledge of technology with which they can discuss and compare products before deciding. It raises the bar of expectation of quality returns for the money they invest. Vendors need to be smarter to reach to the expectations of the customers. For which implementing new technology trends like Smarter Commerce business model could be a best-fit.

Smarter Commerce puts the knowledgeable customer on top of the priority list. The concept believes in actively pursuing customer needs rather than reacting to them. Smarter Commerce works in the following areas to make a business more customer-friendly:

  • Using advanced data to predict consumer behaviour and market products accordingly
  • Closely working with supply chains to reduce costs and risks associated with procurement processes
  • Realigning the internal structure of the organization to meet sophisticated business needs

Efficient Testing In Smarter Commerce: The Need Of The Hour

Since smarter commerce is web-based, regular testing of all processes is essential and needs to be done on a regular basis. All processes should run smoothly so that customers are able to perform transactions without any interruption. It is important to review every single process for completeness and correctness.

The following points should be kept in mind while testing a smart commerce model:

  1. Each process in the smart commerce model should be monitored regularly

All business processes are required to be optimized in order to provide astounding experience to valuable customers. The first critical area for monitoring? Transactions. Load times and downtime issues should be handled adequately as this immeasurably affect end users. Through regular web monitoring, an issue can be traced beforehand, ensuring disasters are averted.

  1. Processes should be tested from the end user’s point of view

End users or the customers are the focal point in a business. Testing should be done from their point of view. The need of the hour is real-time testing so that customers are able to enjoy smoother, end-to-end operations – from login to logout!

A service provider will never be able to judge the issues an end user faces until he himself comes across similar situations. It is highly recommended that testing is done as a user not as a provider.

  1. All network issues should be resolved immediately!

A right step taken on time is worth a thousand steps taken when you are in trouble! Regular and timely testing is capable of preventing endless issues that may arise when testing is not done on time.

For example, it has been observed that thorough monitoring takes care of issues that may affect high-traffic online trading sites, preventing downtime considerably.

  1. The web hosting plan should be under constant scrutiny

Bandwidth usage is directly related to the goals of your business and the traffic generated. It is ideal to opt for web hosting plans with greater bandwidth for interruption-free operations. Discuss your bandwidth requirements in detail before finalizing a web hosting plan.

  1. The number of people using the network should be monitored to avoid congestion

The number of people using the network directly affects quality of workflow. Huge traffic from within and outside an organization will impact all ongoing processes. Through regular testing, this unwanted usage of bandwidth or resources should be checked so that priority tasks are handled efficiently

There is no doubt that smarter commerce provides the best platform for buyers and sellers. Proper testing makes it even better. It makes sense to set up a team to monitor and test the smarter commerce model thoroughly. A simple mix-up in service can result in losing scores of customers. Make sure you are fully prepared by setting up comprehensive testing protocols.

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