5 Performance Testing Tools You Need to Know About

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Performance Testing Tools are gaining prominence today as most organizations across industries realize the importance of offering a world class experience to their clients. One of the common challenge that Airlines, Restaurants, Retail, Banking and Gaming industries have in common, are performance issues that threaten their reputation and question the quality of their services. Performance testing tools help take care of organizational reputation and help organizations meet goals and increase profitability. This blog post gives a comprehensive list of few of the most popular performance testing tools to watch out for. 

5 Performance Testing Tools to Watch-out for:

  1. LoadRunner is a software testing tool from HP Enterprise. It is a load testing software that provides a picture of end-to-end system performance. A robust and reliable performance testing solution is key for enhancing customer experience, and this tool does just that. It facilitates testing on diverse types of applications by having able testing software. It is affordable and convenient, and is undoubtedly one of the most popular tools.

    Some of its noteworthy features comprise the following:

    • Mobile Testing: integrated with network virtualization and a mobile center, LoadRunner provides mobile testing across devices, networks, and even at the backend level.
    • Root Cause Analytics: LoadRunner uses integrated performance monitors in real-time that help identify performance bottlenecks by leveraging code-level and application-layer data.
    • Supports a Wide Range of Applications: Testing is performed for a wide range of applications. Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, and GWT, are among the many applications that are supported by LoadRunner.
    • Interactive User Transaction Simulation: In the case of Load testing, in order to mimic a user environment, it takes skill, effort, and time. This feature helps drastically reduce all the three factors and makes it far more convenient to simulate user transactions,
  1. LoadComplete is one of SmartBear’s performance testing tools. It is used for the following types of testing:
    • Web application testing, and
    • Stress testing, Load testing, and Scalability testing for websites

 Some of the key features of LoadComplete are:

  • It does not require you to be experienced in advanced programming and has been designed specifically to help you focus on the main task.
  • It can be used in the traditional HTML websites as well as rich internet applications (RIAs), by means of up-to-date technologies such as AJAX, ASP.NET, Java, etc.
  • LoadComplete comes with an ease of access and utilization of the tool. It allows you to promptly begin due to the setup convenience and provides a comprehensive picture of the performance of your application.
  • LoadComplete helps in a variety of web application testing, and helps you quickly identify performance issues of your websites and web applications.
  • LoadComplete also allows you to record and replay accurate application usage situations, which helps in the creation of load tests without actually writing programming scripts.

 A few of its most distinctive attributes include:

  • The capability to distribute tests between the cloud
  • The provision of on-premise and virtual machines, and continuous integration by running load tests, and
  • The facility for user activity simulation by allowing you to choose the browser type and connection speed
  1. TestPlant are the makers of the eggPlant range, which provides an array of test automation tools. In particular, eggPlant Performance helps you create load, stress and performance tests, which help in testing a wide range of technology. Through virtual user scripts, eggPlant Performance arranges for sophisticated performance testing and load testing tools. They are easy to use and are largely scalable.

    Some features of eggPlant Performance are:

    • Dynamic test control: This feature allows you to control your automated tests as they are still running, thus providing precision and allowing containment of damage.
    • Standard familiar scripting languages including C# and Java: These languages and help scripts authoring to be done faster.
    • Comprehensive technology support: At any given point of time, in the event of a performance issue, there is constant tech support including web, Citrix, .Net and other technologies.

As a whole, eggPlant allows a significant reduction in risk, helps transform data into information, and arrives at reliable results, among other benefits.  

  1. NeoLoad is a load and performance testing tool designed by Neotys. NeoLoad simulates user activity and observes infrastructure performance. Through these insights, you can foresee the bottleneck areas in web and mobile applications, and take measures to eliminate the bottlenecks.Key benefits of NeoLoad include:
    1. Fast and Automated: NeoLoad enables designing of test scripts up to 10 times faster. With a continuous integration system used for automating testing, it takes up to 10% of the original design time. This essentially ensures that immediate testing can be performed, thus being aligned with development teams, when working with agile methodology.
    2. Cloud and in-house testing: NeoLoad provides a single interface for Geo-Realistic tests and pay-as-you-go licensing, using which you can generate load from picking from several locations. This gives an idea about the statistical difference between regions and helps further customize services as per customer requirement.
    3. Supports the Latest Technologies: A complete testing toolbox, for mobile and web applications is offered by NeoLoad. Some of the examples for the technology it provides support to, are: WebSocket, HTTP/2, GWT, HTML 5 and adaptive bitrate streaming. This helps you keep abreast with the latest technological advancements, whether to upgrade an existing mobile application, or be ready to complement the development team.
  1. SOASTA’s CloudTest helps save time, effort and expense by offering load testing services using the cloud.Some of its features are:
    • It is accessible, actionable and can be run on your own infrastructure or on the SOASTA Global Test Cloud. The Global Test Cloud constitutes cloud service providers and locations, and helps corporations all over the world to simulate load from anywhere.
    • CloudTest can be conveniently incorporated with your existing automation tools. As a result, performance testing can be part of continuous integration strategy. This is turn enables catching of performance issues earlier in development cycles, so that they can be resolved immediately, thus saving a lot of costs and efforts later on.
    • CloudTest offers a great amount of flexibility as part of its load testing. Testing with this flexibility allows you to gain insights from real user experiences across the globe. This gives a comprehensive view of the end-to-end performance of the application.

In Conclusion:

Here at Cigniti Technologies, our experts are aware of the constantly transforming digital world. We have expertise across industries, and at an international level. As an independent software testing organization, we go to great lengths to assure our clients the best of services. We have strategically partnered with global technology & tool vendors that provide next generation testing services that cater to help our clients’ needs. These partnerships enable us to continue to advise and provide client-specific services that provide quality solutions.

HP Enterprise, SmartBear, Neotys, TestPlant, and SOASTA are just a few of our partners that provide an array of wide-ranging performance testing tools. Each one of their testing tools has its own strengths that could further enhance your IT services and help increase customer satisfaction. Contact Cigniti’s experts to know which one of these tools would be most suitable for your organization. To know about us, visit our website.


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