5 Quality Assurance Initiatives in BFSI Sector

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Digital technology’s impact on quality assurance in Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) is visible in a big way due to widespread adoption of smartphones, tablets, and social apps. These offer great ease to customers who can use digital channels for interacting with financial institutions from anywhere anytime. This trend has opened newer ways of financial transactions like Ping Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay, and has also led to emergence of newer players like PayTM (PayTM has 20 million active users) etc.

The power of digital empowerment is visible with trends like ₹ 1,080K Cr transactions done just on mobile banking, eCommerce spending is expected to reach $22 Billion by end of ’15, and M-Wallets transactions reaching ~ ₹ 70K Cr. Digital technology implementation in BFSI instructions is the need of the hour to transform products & services and offer superior user experience to reach customer expectation.

BFSI sector has large geographic and functional coverage and has emerged as one of the strongest drivers of economic growth. Transformational potential of digital technology had undoubtedly eased the customer connect. Customer convenience is more evident in the smart usage of digital technology, like in the case of online, mobile and now social banking. However the real issue is to offer reliable, secure, and superior customer experience through these new ways of banking channels, and software testing has a major role to play in ensuring these goals.

In the context of this digital revolution, quality assurance testing plays a pivotal role. Robust testing frameworks ensure these digital platforms’ reliability, security, and efficiency. As financial transactions increasingly migrate to online channels, comprehensive quality assurance becomes imperative to safeguard customer data, maintain the integrity of transactions, and deliver a seamless user experience.

View this video to learn how Software Testing will enable Future Financial Enterprises, which Cigniti launched at the BFSI Conclave, Goa during May 2015.

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5 QA Initiatives To Ensure Digital Success of Businesses

This immense usage of digital media in expanding the services of BFSI sector makes testing digital technologies a key to ensure trust and confidence of the people. Here are a few Quality Assurance initiatives that we recommend to ensure digital success of businesses and to have a lasting impact on the customer experience and improve productivity.

1.    Continuous Testing

Continuous testing in BFSI sector accelerates continuous integration and delivery. It provides project teams with continuous feedback and enables them to test earlier with greater coverage, thus removing traditional testing bottlenecks such as unavailability of test environments. Financial and Insurance sectors involve huge volumes of data. Continuous monitoring between development and IT operations helps success of Agile teams using DevOps practices.

2.    Omni-Channel Testing

If a product or service offering has to be made available to anyone, at anytime, anyplace in the BFSI sector, it should be available to customers using multiple devices with a single process spanning across multiple devices. Omni-Channel testing helps ensuring performance across all channels – whether offline or online.

3.    Customer Experience Testing

The major factor that defines acceptance of a product or service when it goes live is the customer experience. It is crucial to test a product or service from the perspective of a customer. Unlike technical testing, customer experience testing can differ from assumptions of a product success. It impacts a product or a service success as it is based on customer expectations and emotions and also the physical performance and processes. View this video to learn how Customer Experience Testing can drive real Business Value.

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4.    Cyber Security QA

Technology trends play a huge role in enhancing digital transformation in the BFSI sector, so they also introduce a threat environment to the organizations. Due to the emergence of new digital payment methods, BFSI organizations have been exposed further to new gateways of cyberattacks and fraud. Security testing, thus, is crucial and have business critical importance as banks hold huge volumes of sensitive data of customers for which they are targeted daily.

5.    Analytics and Testing

The ever growing demands related to speed, cost of delivery, and ease of online transactions is compelling. BFSI applications attract customers 24/7 across the globe. This makes Testing Analytics for site performance, ROI and conversions important for accurate data for crucial decision making. Testing BFSI applications is crucial because it involves critical business validations, security confirmations, and high user transparency.

View the slides that Sai Chintala, Senior VP – Enterprise Solutions Group at Cigniti used to highlight these QA Initiatives at the BFSI Conclave.

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BFSI organizations need to rethink their business processes to reap the real benefits of Digital transformation and should keep in mind these Quality Assurance initiatives that will help them ensure quality, security and integrity of their services and products. Cigniti, the world’s third-largest independent software testing services company, has worked with leading global BFSI organizations to help them succeed in their digital journey. Know how we can help you do that too!


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