5 Things to Examine Before Choosing Automated ERP Test Tools

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Enterprise Resource Planning is one of the most precious investments for any business, since it plays an important role in the success of an organization. From integrating core business processes to streamlining communications, business transactions, strengthening customer relationships to effective database management, ERP contributes in almost all facets of business. With growing competition and burgeoning data requirements, businesses are adopting more flexible and hybrid ERP solutions that allow them to follow the current technology as well as streamline their business processes for higher productivity.

Today, businesses customize their ERP software regularly to meet changing business and technology requirements. This is why they are taking ERP testing seriously than before. They know it will help them to maximize the output from the ERP software and run the business smoothly. Although there are many automated ERP testing suites available in the market, here are 5 key things to consider before choosing the right test tools for your Cloud, SAP or Oracle based ERP systems.

Scope of Testing Suite and Compatibility with The Current ERP Package
Businesses have different requirements and expectations from an ERP suite. Also, their requirements keep on changing according to the changing market scenario, so they need to consider the scope of testing offered by the test tools. They need to understand if the testing tools offer them testing across the changing features of the ERP suite while being flexible enough to mitigate the operational risks of their current application. The important thing is the test tools should be compatible with their current ERP suite.

Testing Appropriateness of Data

Although all businesses work with the same goal of excelling in their niche, they all differ in their approach. As mentioned before, an ERP application integrates various data points within the organization that are directed toward maximizing productivity and improving business revenues. The test tools should provide a high level of test data management capabilities for the automated test suites to cover the breadth of the different data requirements.

Detailed Analysis and Diagnoses of Performance Bottlenecks

Automated testing helps businesses to minimize their time on manual testing and make the application error-free and highly productive. The automated testing suite under consideration should be able to deliver detailed analysis and diagnosis of performance bottlenecks. This will help ERP architects to reset their performance parameters and mitigate the existing issues for better performance.

Good Vendor Support

Along with changing business requirements and technology, the makers of testing tools need to upgrade their product for compatibility. As a result, businesses selecting ERP testing tools need to ensure that they are getting top-notch vendor support to cope with product updates and technological changes to their ERP suite.

Minimizes Workload

Automated testing tools should minimize the workload of subject matter experts in multiple disciplines within the business organization. In short, this system should allow subject matter experts to concentrate on more important areas of application management rather than concentrating on eliminating bugs in the existing application.

Cigniti ERP accelerator is compatible with most ERP systems in the market. It doesn’t matter whether your business has adopted Oracle, SAP, or other hybrid ERP system, Cigniti’s ERP accelerator can help in automating your ERP testing in a regressive end-to-end fashion. Cigniti ERP test accelerator includes automated testing framework that supports most commercial tools, ready to use business processes, and over 1300 automated and manual test cases.


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