7 Upcoming Testing, QE & Quality Assurance Events You Should Visit in 2016

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Technological events and conferences are the medium between technology enthusiasts and industry experts. Listening to the experts voice their opinions first-hand, in real-time is a necessary action item in order to understand the path that technological updates are steering. As a blogger, analyst or speaker, attending a conference is beneficial to both, the organization that the individual is representing, as well as to the organization conducting the event.

However, at times, a low corporate budget may cause you to miss out on some truly noteworthy events. Also, for budding developers and testers, it may as well do to take a dime out of their own pocket and visit these extremely useful events. In both the cases, it becomes imperative that you know what conferences to attend. As the digital world is expanding, applications and products are being updated at every turn. More than any service offering, testing is proving to be crucial. With continuous and end-to-end testing, there is a higher scope for shift-left testing and DevOps in the agile methodology.

To hear first-hand about the significance of the digital world shaping up the internal testing structure, and other related topics, here is a succinct list of highly remarkable Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance events all over the world, but predominantly in North America.

The shift to lean and agile methods is being increasingly achieved due to technological advancements and globalization. Cigniti Technologies recognizes the need for exclusive testing services to be provided across various industries.

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