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Today’s enterprises are facing increasingly complex IT infrastructures and need to have a shorter time to market to provide their solutions and products. Moreover, the quality of the solutions provided by them is directly proportional to the quality of the process being executed. Today, many businesses struggle with building an efficient and scalable testing schedule that can support different types of testing. The other common challenges they face include ineffective automation efforts, inadequate tools configuration and management, and improper test data management along with ineffective requirements traceability and test environment management. These challenges have the capacity to hinder build and release management. Therefore, it is clear that these enterprises need to have an effective test strategy to deliver quality solutions. The better the process is managed and implemented, the batter will be the predicted output. Thus, a smart testing strategy helps address these challenges across the testing continuum to ensure better software quality.

Software quality is a responsive differentiator in today’s techno driven global economy. Achieving quality requires a carefully crafted test strategy that is implemented and monitored by a combination of people, process, and technology. This also ensures a flawless IT operation that is crucial to strengthen business environments with the right test infrastructure, tools, and resources to address the software testing requirements. This planning is possible with test advisory management.

Test Advisory Overview

In general, test advisory takes an overview of people, process, and tools to capture the processes through a comprehensive initial assessment and review. It primarily involves test assessment, audit of test cases, tools strategy and enterprise test strategy creation. It also includes the processes of an effective management of test strategy, provide testing assistance, and also provide quality reviews.

Test advisory follows the process of test assessment, audit of test assets, test process advisory and QA tools advisory. Further the major approach includes developing a testing strategy and planning with the assistance and assessment. Further, risk-based approach to testing is followed and focus is placed on areas of high risk business. All the factors of people, process, technology and risk is taken into account and ensures that testing is performed early and continued throughout the software development life cycle.

Now, after knowing in detail about it, let us see some of the advantages with test advisory listed below.

Test Advisory improves the Agility of an enterprise with the following:

  • Helps deliver agile, reliable solutions that effectively brand businesses
  • Improves enterprise agility in IT business engagement as it reduces testing cycle time
  • Eases to get uniform test management, planning, and reporting
  • Paves way to develop a reliable and feasible business goal focused test strategy and plan
  • Facilitates adherence to the target verification, validation, and compliance requirements
  • Standardizes the entire process of test management and generates standardized reports
  • Facilitates overcoming testing challenges, and building robust testing capabilities
  • Reduces cause and impact of failures and helps build high performance
  • Helps streamline testing processes, managed test environment scheduling, and reporting
  • Reduces total cost of testing and improves business value

As an overview, test advisory delivers high performance over time and defines a unique path. This path will monitor the capability maturity level and directs to move towards higher maturity levels, which also form an important part of test advisory. All these benefits of test advisory can be availed by enterprises through test advisory services that are basically built on extensive consulting expertise and technological capabilities. These services include test organization assessment, end-to-end enterprise test management. Skilled pool of assessment experts help identify, plan, and implement industry practices in QA process, methodology and strategy and thus achieve comprehensive test quality metrics through planned test advisory services.

Cigniti’s Test Advisory Services (TAS) brings in high visibility to the organization’s processes from inception to delivery of solutions and helps clients attain a higher level of QA & Process Maturity. This service leverages standard industry frameworks such as CMMI/ISO/ITIL/TMMi/TPI and Cigniti’s decade of experience in Software Testing and QA. Our testing experts utilize industry best practices, indigenously developed processes that complement the client’s in-house processes to ensure the best possible options for a given business context or a scenario.

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