The top Software Testing & Quality Assurance events in 2020

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The testers and QA community gets ample opportunity around the year to learn new trends and technologies, engage into current industry best practices, and network with each other through several events and conferences. Such events can prove tremendously helpful in expanding one’s knowledge as well as connectivity within the QA realm. However, it is somewhat impractical to go to all of these conferences. 

As we are about to enter 2020, here is a list of the top software testing & quality assurance events for you to attend this year, so that you can plan your calendar in advance. Although, there are several events for which the dates have not been announced yet. We will keep updating this post as and when we receive any information on them. 

1.   Software Quality Days 

WhenJanuary 14 – 17, 2020 

WhereVienna, Austria 

This is one of the biggest software quality conventions in Europe. This year, Software Quality Days is entering its 12th edition with ‘Quality Intelligence’ as its key theme. The presentations at this conference aim to influence better software quality by offering industry-specific insights. 

Relevant for: 

The target group of Software Quality Days 2020 comprises Managers of Software Process and Quality, IT Managers, Heads of Development, Test Managers, Testers, Developers, Architects, Designers, and anyone who is involved in the software development in some way or other. 

2.  Automation Guild Online Conference 

WhenFebruary 3 – 5, 2020 


The 4th Annual Automation Guild Online Conference brings together 20+ testing experts who offer ‘Actionable Automation Awesomeness’ along with proven testing strategies and techniques. 

Relevant for: 

The conference is primarily aimed at the community of automation testers and provide them the opportunity to learn from the automation testing experts – at the convenience of their home. 

3.   European Testing Conference 2020 

WhenFebruary 6 – 7, 2020 

WhereAmsterdam, Netherlands 

The European Testing Conference is a comprehensive event comprising of keynotes, workshops, demo talks, and collaborative sessions. Focused on enhancing the understanding of fundamental testing methods within the community, the conference is all about talking, learning, and practicing the art of testing. 

Relevant for: 

Testing experts and practitioners can learn, teach, talk, and practice the ‘art of testing’ over the span of this four-day conference. The event also presents ample networking opportunities through various sessions such as Speed Meet and Lean Coffee. 

4.  QA or the Highway 

WhenFebruary 25th, 2020 

Where: Columbus, Ohio 

QA or the Highway is a one-day, regional conference, organized by Central Ohio Software Quality Assurance & Management (COSQAM)The conference features thought leadership and real-world experiences from the testing and QA industry. 

Relevant for: 

The insights shared by the industry professionals can be immensely valuable to software developers, testers, managers, and QA practitioners. 

5.  TSQA 2020 

When: February 26 – 27, 2020 

Where: Durham, NC 

The Triangle Software Quality Assurance or TSQA conference 2020 intends to explore the space of testingThe conference features prominent speakers and leaders who share their knowledge on the emerging trends and technologies within the QA industry. 

Relevant for: 

TSQA 2020 offers networking opportunity for career development and is relevant for anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of the software industry, including testers, software testing/QA professionals, Agile practitioners, software developers, software development managers, QA and test managers, and IT software team members. 

6.  TestBash Brighton 2020 

When: March 26 – 27, 2020 

Where: Brighton 

Back for its 9th year, the two-day TestBash 2020 conference will include workshops, training sessions, talks, and a range of activities for promoting engagement among the attendees and speakers. 

Relevant for: 

Automation testers and people from the QA community will find the conference worthwhile as they will be getting a chance to enrich their learning and understanding of the essentials of testing. 


When: March 30 – April 2, 2020 

When: San Diego, CA 

STPCon is a conference that acts as a convergence point for test management, strategy, and leadership. The conference covers all the trending technologies in the industry, such as AI, agile, test team leadership and management, performance testing, test automation, machine learning, and more. Attend this conference to learn more about software testing techniques and the latest toolsdevelop new or improve existing processes, and gain exclusive industry insights. 

Relevant for:  

This event is apt for QA and testing professionals, developers, software development managers, and test managers. 

8.  SAUCECON 20 

When: April 27 – 29, 2020 

Where: Austin, Texas 

SauceCon 20 is the forth annual Sauce Labs user conference that is focused on emphasizing the importance of continuous testing in accelerating digital excellence through DevOps and Agile adoption. This three-day conference will bring automated testing experts from across the globe under one roof, where they will learn about real-world continuous testing experiences, cutting-edge developments, and best practices for continuous testing, automated testing in CI/CD pipelines, DevOps, and more. 

Relevant for: 

SauceCon attracts front-end developers, SDETs, QA, and DevOps experts from companies of all sizes, from all over the world. The attendees may range from practitioners to managers and directors, who have experience in automated testing with Selenium and Appium and are interested in further expanding their knowledge of the automation tools. 

9.  Test and Quality Summit 

When: April 29, 2020 

Where: Dublin, Ireland 

Organized by the UK and Ireland Testing Board (UKITB), the Test and Quality Summit 2020 is a one-day event centered on sharing of new ideas and their immediate implementation. The program of the summit intends to talk about the new software testing and quality assurance trends, tackling of potential problems, and producing actionable solutions. 

Relevant for: 

The program at this event features a line of international speakers who will be talking about AI, test automation, SAFe, and more. This is an ideal chance for networking with your peers from the software testing and QA community. 

10.  Accelerate 2020 

When: April 29 -30, 2020 

Where: San Francisco, CA 

Over the course of two days, Accelerate 2020 will feature 80+ in-depth, industry-leading sessions, workshops, and insights on the topics such as continuous testing, digital transformation, agile test management, resilient RPA, load testing, and more. 

Relevant for: 

Accelerate 2020 appeals to the innovators, leaders, and influencers of their company’s digital transformation success. 

11.  deliver:Agile 2020 

When: April 29 – May 1, 2020 

Where: Columbus, OH, USA 

The theme of this year’s deliver:Agile conference spans across core technical practices, team technical practices, and technical practices at the organizational level. The 3-day event will explore topics such as new and updated core Agile development practices, integration of UX principles, advances in testing practices and automation, the growing importance of data and intelligence across the entire spectrum of activities, and the evolution of tools and techniques that bridge development, deployment, security, and operations. 

Relevant for: 

The deliver:Agile 2020 conference invites practitioners from multiple disciplines, such as developers and QA, UX designers, Infrastructure engineers, data scientists, cloud specialists, and more. 


When: May 3 – 8, 2020 

Where: Orlando, Florida 

STAREAST is one of the most respected and longest-running conferences on software testing and quality assurance with 100+ in-depth learning and networking opportunities. Over the course of a week, the conference covers some of the most in-demand topics and testing innovations through keynotes, lectures, workshops, and tutorials. 

Relevant for:  

All STAR events are very much a ‘must-attend’ for IT directors, QA/test managers, analysts, test practitioners and engineers, development managers, developers, and CTOs. 

13.  Agile + DevOps WEST 

When: June 7 – 12, 2020 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

Agile + DevOps West is a conference to attend if you want to learn how to accelerate the delivery of reliable, secure software applications, and how the practice of agile & DevOps brings cross-functional stakeholders together to deliver software with greater speed and agility while meeting quality and security demands. You will also learn from industry experts how to leverage agile and DevOps concepts to improve deployment frequency and time to market, reduce lead time, and more successfully deliver stable new features. 

Relevant for:  

This event is applicable for QA and testing professionals, developers, software development managers, QA, test managers, and developers. 

14.  Agile Testing Days  

When: June 21 – 25, 2020 

Where: Chicago, Illinois 

Acclaimed as North America’s greatest Agile testing festival, the Agile Testing Days is a perfect opportunity for the Agile community to network and develop resourceful insights in Agile and software testing. There will be discussions around Artificial Intelligence, Agile Leadership, Test Automation, Agile Transformation, Security Testing, Modern Test Management, API Testing, and more. 

Relevant for:  

The event is very much relevant for Agile experts, QA experts, developers, and even management/business leaders to understand its impact on the business front. 

15.  Agile 2020 

When: July 20 – 24, 2020 

Where: Orlando, Florida 

Dedicated to the advancement of Agile principles, Agile 2020 is a conference for the ‘Agile tribes’ to meet and brainstorm. In its 19th edition, this 5-day conference will feature 20+ tracks that will explore the latest Agile software development techniques, practices, and strategies from the top experts, innovators, change agents, and thought leaders. 

Relevant for: 

Executives, managers, software developers, and researchers will find the event worthwhile as there will be opportunity to gain insights from authors, innovators, and expert practitioners. 

16.  DevOps World 

When: September 21 – 24, 2020 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada 

DevOps World brings together thousands of developers, practitioners, managers, and leaders to discuss DevOps best practices while leveraging the chance to make new connections. It comprises keynotes by industry thought leaders, hundreds of breakout sessions, detailed training courses and workshops, and several onsite receptions & offsite evening events for networking. 

Relevant for: 

This conference targets IT decision makers and DevOps practitioners apart from QA experts. 

17.  Pacific NW Software Quality Conference 

When: October 12 – 14, 2020 

Where: Portland, Orlando 

The central theme at PNSQC for this year is “2020 Vision: Quality Moving Forward”. The event will be an amalgamation of past learnings and future outlook for the world of quality. 

Relevant for: 

The Pacific NW Software Quality Conference 2020 is free and open to anyone who is passionate about professional software quality with the spectrum of attendees comprising of developers, IT managers, project managers, product owners, testers, and security professionals. 


When: October 4 – 9, 2020 

Where: Anaheim, CA 

STARWEST, organized by TechWell, focuses on practical knowledge and leadership sessions. It is one of the most reputed events in the West Coast and includes tutorials, training sessions, and even a leadership summit. Being an acclaimed event and attended by key folks in the software testing and quality assurance segment, it makes a great place for expanding your network. 

Relevant for:  

Just like all of the TechWell events, STARWEST is also a ‘must-attend’ for IT directors, QA/test managers, analysts, test practitioners and engineers, development managers, developers, and CTOs. 

In Conclusion 

These are some of the biggest and best software testing conferences from all over the world that you must plan to attend in 2020. These events attract hundreds of thousands of attendees each year cumulatively and are focused on furthering the value of QA in the software development world. 

Additionally, Cigniti also hosts various thought leadership events round the year, including webinars and meetups. This year, we are renewing our global event – Leadership in Quality Engineering or LiQE, which is a platform for discussing how Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering and Quality Assurance solutions can help achieve the Quality at Speed. Stay tuned for more updates.  

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