How to make your next business idea ‘market-proof’ with Digital Testing?

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What’s your next business move? Developing an AI platform, launching a contemporary ecommerce platform, creating an engaging Mobile application, or leveraging a new technology to build software applications. For any business idea to get successful, it has to create a technology interface that is customer-oriented. Digital Technologies or Digital Tech is helping all kinds of businesses to reach out effectively to their target group and making a real business impact. However, it is important for businesses to confirm that their business idea and technology platform is fool-proof and market ready. How can Digital Testing help businesses to make their new business idea ready for the volatile market scenario?

Your new business idea needs Digital Testing. Why?

Digital Technologies are redefining the way consumer applications and even devices are being designed and marketed. Moreover, it needs substantial investments and efforts to leverage the technology platform and use it to its full potential. Digital Testing helps businesses to optimize the technology platform and deliver the desired results. In a way, ensuring that the application is groomed enough to deal with the market dynamics and uncertainties.

A new business idea takes a definite route of evolution – Research, Funding, MVP, resulting in a test launch. Digital Testing is needed when the user experience has to be evaluated and validated to ensure that the expected experience is delivered, and sustained as well. Ultimately businesses need to perform and deliver quality products that garner higher RoI.

Evaluating your Business Idea

Moreover, it is imperative for businesses to leverage new technologies to deliver better solutions at a faster pace. Likewise, it should help them to get more creative and innovative to stay ahead in the competition. Digital Technologies namely, Social Media, Mobile, Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) are being leveraged to deliver innovative solutions in the best possible way. Digital Testing helps organizations to confidently reach out to their customers, build right solutions for their employees, and ultimately transform the business.

Key reasons for considering Digital Testing for your next business idea

As per the Global Digital Assurance Market Research Report 2018 by QYReports, the Global Innovation on Digital Assurance Market will grow at CAGR of +13% by 2025. It further mentions, ‘the major drivers of the market include increasing digital transformation initiatives, increasing use of DevOps and agile application development methodologies, increasing test automation for lower operational costs and enhanced quality assurance, and increasing Application Programming Interface (API) monitoring in the digital economy’.

These are some compelling and definite reasons why you must consider Digital Testing to validate your big business idea.

Confirming Performance and Functional efficiency of the idea
Assume that you plan to launch a mobile application for selling trendy apparel for women. Your application building process is backed by massive consumer and market research. It helps you to understand what you need to promote and how your consumers would like to it see it. Digital Testing is needed to test various facets of your application for performance, functionality, compatibility, security and usability.

For instance, you want to make it easy for the viewers of your application to share the product on social media. This means that you have to make the ‘share’ icon more visible for the viewers and the sharing options must comprise all widely used social media channels. Moreover, the application has to be tested for delivering as expected even during peak traffic conditions. Only when these aspects are tested and validated for efficiency, your idea will perform fairly for the users.

Early Defect Detection and cost-efficiency for your business
Digital Testing is expected to bring almost 65% of automation in the testing process. Test Automation and compatible processes such as DevOps not only accelerate the testing activity, but also help in early defect detection. This brings down the defect or issue management costs at a later stage.

Defects are detected way ahead in the development cycle, so it is easier for you to clear off any possible glitches from your application at a much early stage. So, the testing efforts are rightly channelized and the application is effectively sanitised off bugs. It is estimated that the maintenance cost can be reduced up to almost 20% with automation in the Digital Testing strategy.

Reduces unforeseen breakdowns or glitches
Whether it’s an online gaming application, an ecommerce portal selling products from varying categories, or an online stock trading application; every online platform needs rigorous testing to ensure functional efficiency. Likewise, how do you ensure that the application doesn’t breakdown on a big sale day or during a peak trading hour? You need to also ensure that no data gets leaked while an online transaction happens and smooth transaction is facilitated.

Digital Testing helps you to pursue your digital roadmap by bringing in automation across various testing requirements. This helps to bring down any unexpected software glitches, outage, or breakdowns with your application.

Enterprises are moving towards a stage that involves constant change and evolution. No business can survive without realizing and leveraging the features of Digital Technologies. With Digital Transformation, businesses are also facing threats related to cybersecurity, system outage, or sudden application breakdown. This has forced testing and development teams to keep exploring new methodologies and tools.

Testing has evolved substantially over the years. In the current development scenario, testing and development teams work together to deliver and test an application. At the same time, there is no definite way for developing an application or testing it. Digital Testing helps organizations to adapt agile and responsive practices to attract and retain customers that are ‘digitally aligned’. This enables businesses to bring their new ideas to life with full conviction.

Digital Transformation powered by Digital Testing is a widely discussed and explored topic. What are your views?

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