Why Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering is the bedrock of Digital Transformation

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According to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc., worldwide IT spending is projected to total $4.5 trillion in 2022, an increase of 5.5% from 2021.

Enterprises will increasingly build new technologies and software rather than buy and implement them, and digital technology continues to be the most popular amongst those catering to the hybrid model of work.

IDC says that by 2026, enterprises that successfully innovate will derive over 25% of their revenue from digital products, services, and/or experiences.

This is a clear-cut validation of the fact that Digital is the way ahead and it throws a lot of opportunities for service providers who understand the power of software to help enable businesses to become “digital first”.

Research shows that operating models, EBIDTA margins, market share, and brand longevity are all tied to the digital experiences that companies can offer to their end customers. No vertical segment is an exception to this.

Digital today is a dialogue that confluences a cross section of CXOs inside a company whose goals are tied to digital outcomes that they own and deliver.

As Marc Andreessen famously said, “Software is eating the world. We are raising to achieve market leadership to provide impeccable digital experiences through end- user centric digital models, and that can only happen by digital assurance.

Along with that, it’s an era where machine-led models are driving business decisions.

As global enterprises race to achieve market leadership through re-imagining their digital-centric business models, assuring frictionless digital experiences as a key enabler becomes paramount.

Why Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering?

Digital Assurance is extremely important for any digital transformation program’s success. The bedrock of becoming digital first in modern day business is ensuring impeccable digital experiences, and customers today are looking to leverage this expertise further.

The market is aligning to ensure companies with impeccable Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering expertise are chosen as the preferred strategic partners of choice.

How are our Digital Assurance offerings helping customers become Digital First?

Cigniti is in a unique position to leverage its deep-rooted expertise in helping enterprises accelerate digital transformation initiatives through world-class digital assurance and engineering services.

Our Digital Assurance offerings are centered around Cloud Assurance, IoT Assurance, 5G Assurance, AI- led Assurance, Mobile, Customer Experience and Omnichannel Testing, Blockchain Assurance, Robotic Process Automation, and more.

To strengthen this full bouquet of digital assurance offerings, we have hyper-intelligent automation in focus. Our RPA and hyper-intelligent practices are growing by leaps and bounds with partnerships with global leaders like UiPath and Blue Prism.

We have built a platform called INSTA, which is a self-healing, autonomous, AI-driven, low-code scriptless test automation platform, that has helped some of our customers achieve a 44% reduction in execution time with 75% more automation coverage.

It is no brainer that software is being developed at breakneck speeds. Agile and DevOps are de facto standards followed at Cigniti, including SecOps, for implementing continuous engineering practices. We are also extending our wings to areas such as field stack observability, site reliability engineering, and the world of adjacency in ops and post-production optimization areas around AIOps, ModelOps, and DataOps.

We have also launched a 360-degree Digital Customer Experience monitoring platform with AI-driven Sentiment Analysis, and we call it Incight, rightfully so.

Incight provides a complete scan of your phone battery, signal strength, network, device, software updates, and other parameters to measure the quality of the Digital Experience when using a certain service or application, in addition to usability and accessibility.

Incight also provides a deep sentiment analysis perspective of your users to assist you in identifying and correcting issues with the app so that you can provide the greatest in-app experience possible.

Additionally, a transition to the 5G paradigm is crucial for new solutions being pushed out as 5G is increasingly adopted as the backbone of digital delivery, optimizing the possibilities across telemedicine, adaptive manufacturing, AR/VR, gaming, consumer IoT services, and connected vehicles, to mention a few domains.

Embracing the new horizon of 5G network transformation and realization – machine type communication (mMTC), improved mobile broadband (eMBB), and ultra-reliable low-latency communication (URLLC) – necessitates a new digital assurance paradigm.

With Cigniti’s 5G Assurance services, you may use 5G for commercial and consumer applications, as well as IoT and edge computing.

Utilize a live 5G standalone network, powered by Cigniti’s strategic partner Innovate5G, to test diverse network scenarios while maintaining complete control over network parameters and KPIs.

Lastly, we would also be looking at extending those adjacency areas of digital engineering, but for this blog I think I want to emphasize that digital assurance is the bedrock of customers’ becoming digital first.

At Cigniti, our endeavor is to help our customers stay digital-first.

As a firm step towards our digital play and deeper ambitions to be a global leader, we are marching ahead on the strong foundation we have laid. We firmly think Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering are the bedrock of Digital Transformation.

More than 750 customers have trusted us. More than 55 of the Fortune 500 companies trust us. More than 15 countries are where we have imprinted our brand footprints. 3500+ people strong is this family. Steely resolve, great vision, and brilliant execution are our collective strengths.

Cigniti’s proprietary platform-led approach, its proven ability to deliver transformative digital experiences through a confluence of market-leading full-cycle digital assurance and automation services, and a strong foundation of more than a decade of consistently serving 200+ market-leading organizations as customers across the world is more apt than ever before.

The bedrock of becoming digital-first in modern day business is ensuring impeccable digital experiences, and customers today can leverage this expertise to achieve their digital next.


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