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How can Functional Test Automation Improve Business RoI?

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“Functional testing has become a business imperative for any project irrespective of its size. The risks of releasing a new software application without rigorous QA, have greater implications now than ever before due to the rapid pace of change in demands and expectations of end users.”
CTO – Fortune 100 company

For the development of a quality application, it must go through the critical phase of testing – for the newly-designed code for any bugs or malfunctions, for a seamless functioning of the UI providing the best customer experience, for security, robustness, and a lot more. Any application needs to go through this rigorous testing process because it will be used in different systems, environments and scenarios.

Most CXOs get interested in knowing more about how to implement functional test automation once they hear about how it can help increase the profitability of their application. A look into why you need to automate your functional tests for an agile and continuously constructive feedback during the coding process will showcase in detail the benefits for your business.

It is always better, in terms of business RoI, to release slightly less ambitious but functionally robust products than an innovative, but unpredictable and unstable app.

The Return of Investment Businesses Achieve by Implementing Functional Test Automation Practices

While businesses achieve the above benefits in terms of the application quality and functionality, the better application quality leads to the actual benefits that businesses desire:


For any application that your company releases, it is essential that as a CXO, you ensure to patch out glitches before moving toward official launch or delivery of your application to the client. The greater the quality of the application you deliver, the better your company’s image as a professional development firm.

Cigniti introduces early testing in the life cycle to prevent defects and detect defects early to reduce the overall testing costs, rework costs and improve quality. Cigniti’s functional testing approach is well structured and leverages proven industry standard testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies. Our regression testing approach ensures that the new features or enhancements do not cause any unintended impact to the existing quality of applications.

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