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Test Automation isn’t a new term, however in recent times, with the push for digital transformation across industries, test automation has taken a pivotal stand. Enterprises now aim to get applications to market faster while providing the best-in-class customer experience.

Enterprises are applying Agile and DevOps approaches, and are using current technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning), IoT (Internet of Things), Cloud computing, blockchain, and so on, to achieve the best results. Automation testing is a critical stage in the development cycle that has assisted firms in accelerating their entire development process.

According to GlobeNewswire research, the global market for automated testing is expected to exceed $35 billion USD by 2026. 

While Automation testing has drastically changed the software testing landscape, there are a lot of challenges associated with it as well, such as low return on investment, a longer time to market, limited scalability, and maintenance costs. These shortcomings set the companies behind in their quest to provide the best customer experience in the digital transformation age.

Scriptless test automation is the solution to all the problems produced by traditional test automation. According to Gartner, “scriptless testing tools reduce or eliminate the amount of scripting involved in the creation of tests using model, object, data or keyword-driven approaches.”  

The level of test automation using scriptless platforms has significantly increased to achieve the best quality in a cost-effective manner, as well as greater productivity with a shorter development cycle. Scriptless Test Automation is becoming increasingly popular as a key software trend since it is user-friendly and speeds up test results. Many favor scriptless test automation since it reduces maintenance costs by requiring less effort and time, as well as helps to fill technology gaps.

Cigniti’s Intelligent Scriptless Test Automation (iNSta) platform enables the building of production-grade test automation suites. It provides a test design studio that aids reusable test asset development. It leverages AI technologies to provide an adaptive framework that supports automation artifacts to evolve in sync with applications under test (AUT). The test execution engine can integrate with the latest CI/CD tools and cloud (Sauce Labs, Browser Stack) infrastructure to support continuous testing.

Key Features of iNSta

Scriptless Test Automation enables testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. Some of the key features of iNSta include:

1. Plan 2 Execute – AI-based test methodology which will help teams carry out holistic test planning options such as running the tests locally or on the cloud, parallel or distributed tests, the option to select multiple browsers, and various schedules to set the frequency of the tests.

2. Intelligent Object Locators – AI-powered engine can identify stable, reliable, and multiple locators for each object.

3. Visual Validator – AI-powered visual validator that validates the GUI while automation scripts are being executed.

4. Report 2 Resolve – Able to identify and report automatic adaptation to application changes, ensuring the self-healing testing never fails.

5. Resolve 2 Remediate – Intelligent script maintenance engine that recommends script changes no matter how frequently AUT changes occur.

6. Test Suite Optimization – AI model optimizes the test suite to pick the right set of tests for optimized executions to maximize the coverage. Distributed testing increases the test coverage.

The other two notable features are the Debugger which quickly identifies failed stages during test development, cross-verifies them, and is able to quickly debug them; and the False Positive Analyzer an intelligent reporting feature that saves time and better identifies failures.

Key Benefits of iNSta:

Scriptless Test Automation speeds up results and cuts down on time spent learning and developing code, resulting in a shorter time to market, a higher return on investment, and increased coverage with little maintenance. iNSta has a number of major advantages, including:

  • iNSta, our AI-powered scriptless testing platform, is a self-healing and self-evolving AI and ML based Scriptless Test Automation tool. It gives you the power and flexibility to reuse test assets for higher product quality and the quickest time to market.
  • It is a self-healing and extremely accessible interface that allows you to define your tests without writing any code. iNSta contributes to increased QA (Quality Assurance) efficiency and effectiveness.
  • It will help in achieving more accuracy with a higher ROI (return on investment).
  • Reduce the cost of quality using Intelligent No-Scripting Test Automation.

iNSta’s Comprehensive Coverage of the Technology Landscape:

Cigniti’s intelligent scriptless test automation platform, iNSta, allows you to quickly build production-grade test automation suites. iNSta’s comprehensive coverage of the technology landscape is as follows:

  • Mobile Automation – iOS and Android (Native and Hybrid)
  • Web Technologies – Angular JS, React JS. and .Net
  • API – RESTful and SOAP, supports DB and API validations and verification with backend and UI
  • Core Banking – Temenos Transact (formerly known as T24)
  • CRM Testing – Salesforce and MS Dynamics
  • Backend & Middleware – Database validation and verification

Cigniti, being a trusted partner, reduced the test execution time by 44% along with 74% test automation coverage with the intelligent no-scripting test automation (iNSta) framework for a leading 5G network provider.

According to a recent research study, Scriptless Test Automation ranks high on the list of the Top 15 Software Trends to Watch in 2022. This is one of the numerous reasons why CXOs cannot afford to neglect Scriptless Test Automation.

Closing thoughts:

There is a definite need for an efficient Scriptless Test Automation tool that supports non-technical users and functional experts to automate using their expertise to ensure efficient, reliable, and quality automation. Many enterprises that had experienced disrupted processes during the pandemic were able to quickly recover by deploying clever no-scripting test automation solutions, saving them a significant amount of money.

With the increasing test automation expectations of speed, scale, agility, quality, intelligence, in-sprint, and resilience in the digital era, Cigniti’s self-healing, Low Code/No Code AI-powered Scriptless Test Automation platform can provide a superior customer experience and drive efficiencies, resulting in faster time to market and subsequently increased revenue.

Need help? Consult our scriptless test automation experts to learn more about iNSta and how to apply it to the modern enterprise.


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