Can Investing in IP-led Testing Determine Business Growth?

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Enterprises big-medium-small are in serious need of a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to seamlessly operate and deliver on their core business objectives. This has pumped up the need for ERP testing, where businesses are increasingly inclining towards Intellectual Property-led (IP-Led) testing services and IP-Led solutions to bring a dash of expertise to the entire software testing process.

Let’s consider the situation of Start-ups. Start-up ventures are on a rise due to the passion they bring for the business idea. They are coming up with some phenomenal inventions not only to make human life comfortable, but also bring about a transformation in the overall socio-environmental lifecycle. At the same time, they do not want to waste their precious formative years in taking care of the operational hassles.

Such scenarios and business ventures have created a niche of testing requirements. It has boosted the need for Propriety testing tools and services, IP-led testing solutions, rigorous Quality Assurance and testing for ERP solutions that will enable these ventures to deliver excellence and sustain effectively in the volatile business environment.

The objective is to deliver quality, but at jet-speed!

Recent example is a company named Ofo, a two-wheeler manufacturing company that recently raised $450 million at a valuation of more than $1 billion. Can you guess the business idea? The idea is to start a bicycle sharing venture.

Many similar companies are raising funds to offer bicycle sharing on the densely jammed streets of China. Imagine the kind of back-end support and resource planning that is required for such ventures.

Why to consider IP-led testing services for ERP testing?

An ERP software plays a critical role in the overall business process management that enables businesses to optimize a string of interconnected applications to manage and accelerate their supporting functions – human resources, IT, marketing, or any other service that can be automated to help meet the business objectives.

With reference to ERP testing, businesses are increasingly considering IP-led solutions such as ERP Test Accelerators that comprise ready-to-implement manual and test automation scripts/test assets that can help accelerate testing for a diverse chain of ERP packages, namely, Workday, Microsoft Dynamic, and SAP.

The underlying objective is to bring down the testing efforts and help enterprises test at speed and eventually seamlessly manage the business-critical operations in the back-end.

Why is IP-led testing important?

According to a recent Technavio study on ‘global software testing market for 2017-21’, the global software testing market size is expected to grow to USD 55.3 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of over 14%.

Software Testing is bound to define the robustness of the software and application in a challenging digital landscape.

The biggest challenge is to deliver at speed, which is becoming increasingly possible with inventive and new age approaches such as Agile and DevOps. These methodologies are encouraging more collaboration and speed in the development process. In order to support these endeavours it is critical to implement tools and frameworks that automate the process.

Smart testing with IP-led solutions such as Enterprise Test Accelerators and Proprietary Software Testing Frameworks help enterprises and development teams to test effectively, bring experience, best practices, and especially velocity to the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It will eventually reduce the testing efforts and garner better RoI.

IP-led testing comprises modular frameworks and a wide repository of pre-built test assets that can be readily implemented to save overall testing and development costs, testing efforts, and at the same time incorporate expertise and best practices. These pre-designed test assets can be optimized and leveraged for testing diverse business cases.

According to testing and development experts, about 70% of errors happen during designing and coding in the software development lifecycle. It is estimated that if the defects are identified during the requirement phase, tremendous costs can be reduced.

If defects are found in the production phase the costs can soar exponentially. This can definitely ensure efficiency and speed. During such instances if you implement a Requirement testing Framework solution, it can cut guesswork in the testing lifecycle and boost the development process.

Everyone agrees that there cannot be any guesswork in the current business landscape, which is so competitive and uncertain.

Test accelerators comprising test assets are built over time, with experience, and expertise. Most importantly, they are also implemented across diverse projects to bring results and deliver successfully. Leveraging such frameworks will not only ensure quality, but also bring stability, consistency, predictability to the projects.

One of the key reasons why IP-led testing is gaining momentum is because enterprises want assured results for their investment in testing. For instance, imagine a situation where none of this exists and the testing team decides to pool in resources randomly from various sources. How can you assure results in this case?

This further reinforces the importance of implementing frameworks and tools that are backed by experience and expertise.

Automation is not the only solution and everyone knows that. Experts recommend that there are quite a few aspects of an application that should be tested manually. Every organization must design their testing needs as per their business/development goals. Your test plan should be a potent combination of manual and automation assets that are backed by extensive expertise and experience.

Our take!

Cigniti works with enterprises of all shapes and sizes to build their Quality Assurance and testing mechanism. Our experts help enterprises to align their testing objectives with their business objectives. We work on a wide canvas of software testing tools – Propriety software testing framework, Test Accelerators, and even Open-source tools to help businesses deliver quality, with minimal efforts, and at speed.

For instance, Cigniti’s Test Automation Accelerator enables clients to overcome challenges related to the speed for going LIVE and ensuring quality at the same time. This comprehensive framework fast-tracks the automation for functional and regression testing. It helps develop test scripts during the design and development phases.

Additionally, the solution leverages existing automation tools and facilitates engagement of business users in test automation. This minimizes the dependence on skilled testing professionals. Cigniti’s dedicated Automation Center of Excellence (ACoE) is built with over a decade of experience and expertise to deliver cost-effective solutions for Test Automation.

Cigniti offers Test Accelerators for various testing purposes and helps bring down the costs, efforts, and enhance the test coverage. This helps ensure successful delivery of products/services, and sustained growth for enterprises in a dynamic business ecosystem.

Connect with us to leverage the best of IP-led testing solutions and bring velocity to your business goals.


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