JMeter tips and tricks – Part 1

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We plan to create a series of blog posts around Jmeter tips and tricks thatwill help performance testers to design some of the complex features using open source tool than having dependency on licensed tool . These posts will talk about the tips and tricks in using popular & open source load testing tool JMeter.

How to simulate bandwidth in JMeter?

  • Go to JMeter_HOME/bin folder, open
  • Search for httpclient.socket.http.cps=0
  • Uncomment that line and enter your desired bandwidth to simulate
  • If application is under https protocol then uncomment httpclient.socket.https.cps=0
  • Before entering your value in CPS (Character per second), use the below formula to convert kbps to cps.

Formula: (desired bandwidth*1024)/8

E.g. if desired bandwidth is 100 kbps, then cps would be 12800

Summary:   When we want to run test on local LAN but need simulation of internet bandwidth or wireless bandwidth, the above solution is helpful.

Stay tuned to this blog for more tricks and tips.


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